Welcome Customers From Malaysia To Negotiate And Sign Contracts
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Welcome Customers From Malaysia To Negotiate And Sign Contracts


With the perfect completion of the exhibitions all over the country. Demina ushered in a large number of on-site customers to visit the company and negotiate business. Today, customers from Malaysia are welcome to come to the door to negotiate purchases and sign contracts! Thanks to the support and trust of new and old customers to our company. We will work harder, customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit of the goal! In addition, this customer visit has further understood the strength and scale of our company and conducted on-the-spot investigation and affirmation of our company's products and the production technology level and production capacity of all grinding equipment. Demina's sales director and sales staff enthusiastically received customers and communicated with customers about the sales of grinder products in the country. Subsequently, the customer visited the production line of the company's sharpener, grinder and tool grinder. At the same time, the customer also recognized the production status, production capacity. Product quality and technical level of our products. Through this visit and exchange, the two parties signed a contract on the spot. At the same time, the customer expressed their pleasure to visit our company and thanked our company for the warm and friendly reception. And the good working environment and orderly production of our company. The process, strict quality control and warm and friendly reception were deeply impressed. The visit of foreign customers not only strengthened the communication between our company and foreign customers. But also laid a solid foundation for Demina's products to further internationalization and pushed Demina's development to a new height. Demina A professional , our products not only have good performance. But also the equipment price is relatively cheap, welcome everyone to come and buy.
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