Warning Of Operating Tool Grinding Machine
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Warning Of Operating Tool Grinding Machine


Warning Of Operating Tool Grinding Machine

If you do not strictly comply with the operation rules and procedures, personal injury may result. So the operator needs to note these warnings.

1. Wear appropriate safety clothing.
2. Wear glasses and gloves to prevent metal debris damage to your body.
3. Do not be used when the machine is broken down.
4. Eliminate safety problems before powering on.
5. Report to your supervisor in case of any operational problems.
6. Daily checks whether every part work normally and the protective measures is taken.
7. Daily operation and maintenance areas must be dry and clean. Make sure you have all maintenance tools, and they are in good condition.
8. Any repairs must be done under the circumstances that the machine is not working and the power is off.
9. Obey the operation procedures and use the information.
Must not use detergents, gasoline, solvents, or other flammable liquids, for cleaning but the use of non-flammable, non-toxic commercial solvent.
10. Do not use compressed air to clean the machine and its components. Please wear a protective glass and limit the pressure bellow 2bar if you won’t do this.
11. Don’t use bare wire for lighting during leak inspection and test.
Do not lubricate while the machine is running.
12. Before making electrical connections, make sure the voltage and frequency meet the requirements.
13. Electrical power must be connected to the ground for protection.
Any electrical operation, for example replacing the fuse, replacing the overload protection, etc., must be handled by professionals, and only after the power cut off.

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