The Price Of BT-150N Tool Grinding Machine
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The Price Of BT-150N Tool Grinding Machine


Description of BT-150N tool grinding machine

BT-150N tool grinding machine is a large-scale tool grinding machine for the production of grinding and comprehensive machining of carbide cutting tools. It features: First, the use of open CNC system and AC servo motor, both G code programming, and tool software can be used. (MKW6030A adopts open imported CNC system and special tool grinding software) Second, the column adopts the gantry structure, and the rigid grinding head spindle can simultaneously install three different shapes of grinding wheels, which can complete the conical milling cutter, the cylindrical ball-end milling cutter, the conical ball head and the end teeth, and various spirals. Processing of linear groove cutters. Third, the linear axis adopts linear guide rail and high-precision roller screw to move smoothly, and the transmission precision is high. Fourth, the end of the screw rod adopts the double bearing positioning to ensure accuracy. Fives, the rotating shaft adopts precision worm gear and worm, the transmission is stable, the noise is low, and the indexing precision is high. Six, with the probe of Renishaw of the United Kingdom, the tool can be tested to improve the machining accuracy of the tool.

Quotation of BT-150N tool grinding machine

Nowadays, the manufacturers of BT-150N tool grinding machine on the market are different and the models are different, so the quotation of the product equipment is different. Therefore, users must choose repeatedly when purchasing, and choose the equipment that is suitable for their use is the best equipment. Price is not the only standard to measure the performance of equipment, so when users buy BT-150N tool grinding machine, not only the price, but also the quality and performance of the equipment are very important. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd A professional BT-150N tool grinding machine manufacturer and wholesaler, we produce equipment with good performance and reasonable price. Welcome everyone to buy.        
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