The Introduction Of BT-150H Pneumatic Diamond Tool Grinder
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The Introduction Of BT-150H Pneumatic Diamond Tool Grinder


Manufacturing and grinding PCD, PCBN and CVD cutters with BT-150H superhard tool grinder is an economic choice, and it's the same for manufacturing and grinding carbide or high speed non-standard steel blades. When grinding standard and non-standard welding turning tools, machine clip blades, boring cutters, slot cutters and other kinds of cutters, it is easy to grind over-edges such as angles and arcs on this cutters.

The features of BT-150H pneumatic diamond tool grinder

1. Tool machine mechanical structure: The bed (base) adopts high-quality integral castings. The main parts weigh 1.6 ton, which can meet the grinding requirements of any superhard material. 2. Tool machine motorized spindle: Grinding head adopts speed regulating motorized spindle with high precision and frequency conversion. Power is 3.o kilowatt, and the maximum speed can reach 4000 rpm. Besides, it adopts circulating water coolant. And the rotation accuracy of grinding head spindle: end jump 0.002mm, diameter jump 0.003mm. 3. Pneumatic feed mechanism: Tool machine adopts "constant pressing grinding" technology. In another word, cutters always bear constant air pressure during grinding procedure of cutters. In this way, the grinding procedure keep balanced and stable, and the overall grinding efficiency is high. 4. Auxiliary work: Cutters approaches grinding wheels, and return to the chucking position after grinding. These two motions can achieve fast forward and fast backward by pneumatic feed device, which can save auxiliary time up to 70%. 5. Grinding head reciprocating servo oscillation: Reciprocating oscillation of grinding wheel realized by servo motor, the oscillation can be adjusted casually during 0-30mm( oscillation can be increased to 150mm according to customer's demands). So grinding wheels are consumed evenly, and self-sharpening is fulfilled in time, to ensure the accuracy and roughness of grinding. 6. On-line CCD measurement: It adopts optical microscope and the magnifying technology of CCD camera, the magnification during 25-80 are optional. The marking line used for comparison keep unchanged after calibration, which ensures the accuracy of comparison and enables the machine tool accurately detect the tool tip arc.
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