The Characteristics And Skills Of The Drill Sharpener
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The Characteristics And Skills Of The Drill Sharpener


Characteristics of Drill sharpener

PP-60N drill sharpener, Demina's unique model, according to customer's needs, stable performance. Simple operation and fast and accurate; no need for fixed point, fast drilling, no technical requirements for operators. The configuration of the original grinding wheel the angle is fine and the life is long.

The main skills of grinding drill bits

1. The cutting edge should be level with the grinding wheel surface. Before grinding the drill bit, first place the main cutting edge of the drill bit and the grinding wheel surface on a horizontal surface. That is to say, when the cutting edge contacts the grinding wheel surface, the entire cutting edge should ground. This is the first step in the relative position of the drill bit and the grinding wheel. Position it and then slowly lean against the surface of the grinding wheel. 2. The axis of the drill bit should be inclined at an angle of 60° to the surface of the grinding wheel. This angle is the front angle of the drill bit. At this time, the angle is wrong, which will directly affect the size of the top angle of the drill bit and the shape of the main cutting edge and the bevel angle of the transverse edge. Here is the positional relationship between the spindle axis and the surface of the grinding wheel. Take 60°. This angle is generally more accurate. Here, we must pay attention to the relative horizontal position and angular position of the drill before sharpening. The two should balance. Do not neglect the angle of the pendulum to flatten the edge, or ignore the flat edge for the angle. 3. Grind the back from the edge of the blade. After the cutting edge contacts the grinding wheel, it is ground from the main cutting edge to the back. That is, the grinding wheel is first contacted from the cutting edge of the drill bit, and then slowly milled down along the entire flank face. When cutting the bit, you can gently touch the grinding wheel. First, carry out a small amount of sharpening and pay attention to observe the uniformity of the spark. Adjust the pressure on the hand in time, and pay attention to the cooling of the drill bit. So that it can not be over-fired, causing discoloration of the cutting edge. And to the edge of the annealing. When the cutting edge temperature is high, it is necessary to cool the drill bit in time. 4. The cutting edge of the drill should oscillate up and down, and the tail of the drill should not lift. This is a standard bit of grinding action. The main cutting edge is swung up and down on the grinding wheel. That is, the hand holding the front part of the drill bit should evenly oscillate the drill bit on the grinding wheel surface. The hand of the grip cannot be swung, and the back handle should prevent from being upturned, that is, the tail of the drill bit cannot be raised above the horizontal center line of the grinding wheel. Otherwise, the cutting edge will blunt and cannot cut. 5. To ensure that the blade tip is on the axis, and the two sides are symmetrically repaired slowly.  after grinding the edge of one side and grinding the other edge. It must ensure that the cutting edge is in the middle of the bit axis, and the edges of the two sides should symmetrical. The experienced master will look at the symmetry of the drill tip and slowly grind it. The back angle of the cutting edge of the drill is generally 10° -14°. The back angle is large, the cutting edge is too thin, the vibration is severe during drilling. The hole is three-sided or pentagonal, the chips are needle-shaped; the back angle is small. The axial force during drilling is very large, it is not easy to cut in, the cutting force is increased. The temperature rise is large, the bit heat is severe, and even the drilling cannot be performed. The angle of the back angle is suitable for the centering, the two edges are symmetrical. When drilling, the drill bit is light and free of vibration, and the aperture is not enlarged. Demina is a professional PP-60N drill sharpener supplier. Welcome to buy.
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