Superhard Cutting Tool Manufacturing Procedures
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Superhard Cutting Tool Manufacturing Procedures


In recent years, with the rapid development of CNC machining technology and the widespread use of CNC machine tools. The application of ultra-hard cutting tools that can achieve high efficiency, high stability. And long life processing has become more and more popular, and many advanced cutting concepts have been introduced. Such as high-speed cutting, hard machining, high-stability machining, car grinding, dry cutting, etc. Superhard cutting tools have become an indispensable tool in modern machining.

Main types and characteristics of superhard cutting tools

Superhard cutting tools can achieve high precision, high efficiency, high stability and high surface finish of non-ferrous metals and wear-resistant non-metallic materials by using the high hardness. High wear resistance, high thermal conductivity and low friction coefficient of PCD materials. Such tools are mainly classified into welded PCD cutters and indexable PCD inserts.

Development of superhard cutting tools

In recent years, the fastest development of superhard cutting tools is PCD tools with standard shanks. Such as PCD cutter with handle, PCD boring tool, PCD reamer, etc. The shank type is mainly cylindrical handle, taper shank, and HSK handle. The tool is characterized by the small beating of the cutting edge (for example, the cutting edge of the HSK shank PCD milling cutter with a blade length of 30 mm is only 0.002 mm). Which is especially suitable for forming faces and holes of various non-ferrous metal parts. Large-scale high-speed machining such as stepped holes. For example, PCD high-speed milling cutters with aluminum base cutters have a maximum speed of 20,000 R/MIN and above. Cutting speeds of up to 7,000 M/MIN, making them suitable for forming surfaces for automotive parts. The indexable PCD insert is made by inserting a PCD blank on the carbide indexable insert and then sharpening it. It can be clamped on the tool holder, tool holder or cutter head of various CNC machine tools. High-reliability high-volume processing. With the increasing popularity of CNC machine tools, machining centers0. And automatic production lines, the use of indexable superhard cutting tools is increasing, and the tool durability can be increased by several times compared with cemented carbide tools. At present, PCD or PCBN is not used in the domestic manufacturing industry to make use of its high-efficiency processing characteristics but to pursue a good tool life. Which affects the rapid development of domestic super-hard knives to a certain extent. Even in such a fierce price competition, the domestic super hard is still moving forward steadily. Because from each processing link, the only advantage of imported knives, perhaps left time to accumulate the mature application cases.
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