Super-Hard Tool Grinder In China
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Super-Hard Tool Grinder In China


Demina Super Hard tool Grinder for PCD tools can be economical to manufacture and grind the PCD tools, PCBN tools, CVD tools, tungsten carbide, and non-standard high-speed steel blade. During the grinding of standard or non-standard welding tool, machine folder blade, boring tool, grooving cutter, and other types of cutting tools, it is easy to grind out the angle and arc transition edge in these cutting tools.

Feature Of The Tool Grinder

1.Bilateral position for ergonomics;
2.Radial clamping for spindle rigidity;
3.Spindle with cooling brings a long life span;
4.Servo Variable oscillation automatically;
5.Servo control, auto & manual feeding;
6.CCD monitoring & measuring, automatic centering;
7.Graph process and video Demo on PC;
8.Central lubrication, coolant with filter;

Main Machine And Standard Configuration

1.Spindle Motor Power: 4.5Kw, Variable speed (500-4000 rpm)

2.Spindle Declination can be arbitrarily adjusted -5°-25°

3.Max oscillation length is 30mm, the max oscillation frequency is 60times/min

4.Tool shaft is equipped with an air brake.

5.Optical CCD system with 100x zoom and a 15-inch monitor

6.One Diamond Grinding Wheel.

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