Software And Tool Grinder
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Software And Tool Grinder


The grinding process to machine tool spindle intelligent reasoning as the research object and developed to meet intelligent manufacturing grinding process for axle shaft of machine tool software. The software brings together the spindle grinding process based intelligent database, process knowledge base, optimization, and intelligent reasoning process instance, multiple modules such as NC automatic programming and applied to the CNC cylindrical grinder production practice. The results show that the grinding process software can significantly enhance the accuracy of the spindle of CNC grinding process decision-making. Decision-making accuracy reached 96%, process decision time reduced by about 50%, thus improve the machining efficiency.

Software And Tool Grinder

1. There is an innate connection between software technology and tool grinding, and the complexity and diversity of the tool can be precisely satisfied by the flexibility of the software.

2. The requirement for skillful operation of blade grinding can also be satisfied with the high intelligence of software.

3. The adoption of software technology can reduce the complexity of the structure of machine tools. These mechanical parts have a long manufacturing cycle, and software can greatly shorten the r&d cycle of equipment and even reduce the cost.

4. By the market competition and product upgrading, tool manufacturers are required to provide personalized service. That is, a non-standard tool supply, the software can be upgraded features just to meet the changing needs of customers.

Demina’s CNC tool grinding machine has developed its own grinding software. The tool grinder can grind the tools automatically, which is populated with customers.

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