Quality Test Method Of PCD Universal Edge Grinder
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Quality Test Method Of PCD Universal Edge Grinder


PCD universal edge grinder the functions of the sharpening machine is for the grinding of mechanical drills and blades. How do you judge the quality of the sharpener? Next, Demina will take everyone to find out how to check the quality of the sharpener. So that you can choose the right and satisfactory grinding equipment in the future.

Quality test method of PCD universal edge grinder

First, after the grinding machine is ground, the plane cutting edge of the knife is inspected. And the blades and the cutting edges are placed on the flat plate. And the lamp is checked for the presence or absence of light leakage to check whether the blade is skewed or twisted. Take a chemical fiber lining cloth and gently stroke it on the blade. If you easily stroke it, you can easily cut it, indicating that the edge is sharp. The opposite edge is not sharp. The second one is to inspect the grinding length of the sharpening machine. The specific operation method is to place the longest blade blank on the sharpening machine tool holder. And adjust the working condition of the sharpening machine to make it work normally. Start the sharpening machine to sharpen the knife from one end to the other until the end of the sharpening work. The third is to inspect the insulation resistance of . The general insulation resistance should use under the environmental conditions of 15 °C-35 °C and relative humidity not more than 75%. And the rated voltage must be A 500V megaohm meter can test. The fourth is to test the dielectric strength of the sharpener. Mainly using a withstand voltage tester with a capacity of not less than 3KVA. The no-load voltage of the test equipment is gradually increased by 50% (500V) of the specified voltage to the specified value. After maintaining for 1 min, gradually reduce the voltage to the off state. And verify the withstand voltage performance between the metal casing and the wire of the sharpener. The fifth is to check the temperature rise of the grinding machine bearing. Generally, the temperature of each bearing is measured with a semiconductor thermometer before the running assembly quality (starting). And the record is made. Then, after the end of the assembly quality inspection (2h). The temperature of each of the above bearings was re-measured with a semiconductor thermometer. And the temperature measured later was subtracted from the difference between the previously measured temperatures. The sixth and final need to test the straightness of the PCD universal edge grinder sharpener is to measure the measured surface at a certain point and record the reading. The difference between the maximum and minimum readings of the generally available indicator is approximate as a straightness error. If necessary, the straightness error can be calculated according to the minimum conditions using the calculation method based on the recorded readings. Demina is a professional tool grinding machine manufacturer. You are welcome to consult BT-150HG PCD tool grinder price.
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