Prescribed Requirements OF BT-200 Universal Tool Grinder
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Prescribed Requirements OF BT-200 Universal Tool Grinder


Requirements OF BT-200 tool grinder

When operating BT-200 universal tool grinder, check that the electrical system (motor, distribution box, safety light, wire, grounding wire) is good. No short circuit and the surrounding environment should clean. Lubricate the oil in the lubrication area as specified in the Piston Cup Foreign Grinding Machine Instructions. Turn on the main power supply, start the motor such as the oil pump. In turn, pay attention to the operating status, and find the abnormality. If the difference is abnormal, the power should turn off immediately. And the vehicle should drive after inspection. Start the piston cup foreign grinding machine, idle for 3min. Check whether the movements of each part are normal. Whether the sound is normal, and whether the coolant is unblocked. Before installing the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel should protect from moisture. And the grinding wheel should test for static balance. It is forbidden to have cracks in the grinding wheel. When installing the grinding wheel, it is necessary to pad the paper pad between 0.5-1.0mm between the grinding wheel and the pressure plate and use a special wrench to evenly tighten it. Do not use the long tube to tighten, so as not to cause the grinding wheel to burst. is used frequently in factories and other places. In order to reduce the possibility of accidents during the whole operation, we need to do some preparatory work before using it. The specific requirements are as follows. Before the preparation PCD&PCBN insert grinding machine, first check the environment to be used by the tool grinder to ensure that there is no debris in the entire operating space. So as to avoid the occurrence of damage caused by the debris. Estimate the maximum force required for the upcoming lifting operation in order to select the right tonnage tractor to work in order to avoid the danger of overloading. Safety inspection of each component of the selected tractor and timely maintenance of components with abnormal conditions to reduce the possibility of emergencies during use.

Eliminate errors of BT-200 universal tool grinder

BT-200 universal tool grinder There are three main methods for eliminating errors. Automatic control method. Let the processing system form an automatic processing cycle system. So that the measurement, adjustment and other work can do automatically in the process of the process, the trial cutting method. Through the trial cutting, some rules can find to eliminate the error. The sizing tool method uses a tool with a certain shape and size to meet the shape and size of the processing requirements. When the water and oil quantity of the Universal tool grinder water tank is insufficient, it needs to be added in time. When processing, it is necessary to timely repair the processed parts, and then check if there is no problem before starting normal use. The process should sharpen with sharp diamonds and coolant is required. Technical analysis of tool grinding machines. First, check the level. If the level of the machine's foot screw is not adjusted, it will cause the machine to resonate. Because sometimes the ground level of the processing site is not very good, it is necessary to adjust the horizontal screw to make the machine reach an uneven height. First, we must check whether each screw of the foot is put into place in the floor mat. Before and after the level is used, the left and right sides are horizontal and the screws are locked.    
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