Points To Ensure The Precision Of The Tool Grinding Machine
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Points To Ensure The Precision Of The Tool Grinding Machine


CNC tool grinding machine is now being used in more and more industries, and the range of grinding is more and more extensive. So how can we better use this equipment for grinding? How can we ensure the grinding accuracy of the tool grinder? The following Beijing Demina takes BT-150N CNC tool grinding machine as an example to tell you how to ensure the accuracy of the tool grinding machine.

The CNC tool grinding machine is mainly composed of a bed, a cross slide, a lifting sleeve, a grinding head, and various accessories. There are four types of movement: spindle rotation, longitudinal movement, lateral movement, and vertical lifting movement. The longitudinal movement uses rolling steel guides. The lifting sleeve is a rolling screw driven. The lateral movement is a sliding guide. The grinding head spindle can achieve four speeds for grinding different tools.

Points To Ensure The Precision Of The Tool Grinding Machine

Accuracy is mainly guaranteed by three aspects, the first is the mechanical structure of the machine tool. In the initial stage of design, we must consider how to ensure the mechanical accuracy of the machine tool. For example, Demina Company produces the BT-150N universal tool grinder. The machine bed is made of marble, which not only has very strong anti-vibration ability but also has little thermal deformation. In addition, this series of products also use a special gantry structure design. Compared with ordinary column-type tool grinders, the stability and rigidity of this series of products have greatly improved.

Secondly, the choice of spindle and transmission components is also important for the accuracy of the machine tool. The main shafts we use are relatively thick, ensuring good rigidity. And the lead screws used are relatively large, which can reduce wear.

Finally, the thermal performance of the machine tool is better. And it cannot cause distortion and deformation of the machine tool components. High-speed processing will cause the oil temperature to rise rapidly, and how to avoid thermal deformation of the parts in contact with the oil is very important.

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