PCD Tool Cutting Parameters
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PCD Tool Cutting Parameters


PCD Tool Cutting Parameters

1.Cutting speed
PCD tools can be machined at very high spindle speed, but the influence of cutting speed on machining quality cannot be ignored. Although high-speed cutting can improve the machining efficiency, in the state of high-speed cutting, the increase of cutting temperature and cutting force can break the tooltip and make the machine tool vibrate. When processing different workpiece materials, the PCD tool reasonable cutting speed is also different.

2. Feed
If the PCD tool feed is too large, the residual geometric area on the workpiece will increase, resulting in increased surface roughness. If the feed is too small, the cutting temperature will rise and the cutting life will be reduced.

3. Cutting depth
Increasing the cutting depth of the PCD tool will increase the cutting force and cutting heat, which will aggravate the tool wear and affect the tool life. In addition, the increase of cutting depth is likely to cause PCD tool edge breakage.

The cutting performance of PCD tools with different particle size grades is not the same when machining different workpiece materials under different processing conditions. Therefore, the actual cutting parameters of PCD tools should be determined according to the specific processing conditions.

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