PCD Composite Sheet Manufacturing
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PCD Composite Sheet Manufacturing


PCD Composite Sheet Manufacturing

1.PCD composite sheet manufacturing: PCD composite sheet is made of natural or synthetic diamond powder and binder (including cobalt, nickel, and other metals) sintered at a certain proportion under high temperature (1000-2000 ℃) and high pressure (50,000-100,000 atmospheres).In the sintering process, due to the addition of the binder, the bond Bridges with TiC, SiC, Fe, Co, Ni, etc. as the main components are formed between the diamond crystals. The diamond crystals are embedded in the skeleton of the bond Bridges in the form of covalent bonds. The composite sheet is usually made into a disc with a fixed diameter and thickness, and the composite sheet is then ground and polished and subjected to other physical and chemical treatments.

2. If you want to produce PCD tools, you must buy a PCD composite sheet. It is the most important raw material. Demina tool grinder can grind many types of PCD tools. Please feel free to contact us.

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