PCBN Cutting Tool Grinding
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PCBN Cutting Tool Grinding


Introduction of PCBN cutting tool grinding

Cubic boron nitride polycrystalline (PCBN) cutting tool is a kind of superhard material product of CBN aggregate composed of many fine grains (0.1~100) CBN. It not only has high hardness, high wear resistance, but also has high toughness, chemical inertia, red hardness, and other characteristics. And can be opened and sharpened with a diamond grinding wheel. It has excellent cutting performance in all aspects of machining and can realize stable cutting at high temperatures. Especially suitable for machining various hardened steel, tool steel, chilled cast iron, and other difficult materials. PCBN tool cutting sharp, shape retention, high wear resistance, unit wear small, fewer correction times, conducive to automatic processing, suitable for all the cutting from rough machining to finish. Precision quenching workpiece is a new process, before the implementation of the process test, can be used with the workpiece material, hardness and size of the same rod. In the same kind of machine tool precision or rough machining test, the key is to test the selection of tools and cutting parameters and whether the processing system has enough rigidity. The process at present domestic has been adopted, such as faw group with PCBN cutting tool machining carburizing and quenching (58 to 63 HRC) 20 crane transmission gear shifting fork groove, the process parameters for nu c = 150 m/min, the f/r = 0.1 mm, alpha p = 0.2 ~ 0.3 mm, realized turning instead of grinding. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery CO., LTD. Specializes in the production of various CNC tool grinding machines. The is our company's technical staff based on advanced technology research and development and production. This equipment is made of grinding wheel swing axis (X-axis), horizontal plane rotation axis (C axis), and workpiece feed axis (Y-axis). It is suitable for mass production of PCD and CBN blades, carbide blades, etc. It is the best equipment for people to choose tool grinding machines.  
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