Operating Instructions And Precautions Of APE-40 Drill Grinding Machine
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Operating Instructions And Precautions Of APE-40 Drill Grinding Machine


Steps of APE-40 drill grinding machine

First, boot Press the power switch and unscrew the emergency button. Second, return to the origin Turn the knob to the origin mode and start the hydraulic pump. In order to raise the positioning ball, the y-axis is not affected when it returns to the origin. Press F1, F2, F3, and F4 to make the corresponding X, Y, Z, and A. The axis returns to the origin. Third, repair the wheel After the new grinding wheel is replaced, you must first enter F7 (ie working coordinate), press &#135. Key X, Z, the value of A axis is set to “zero”. Then adjust the knob to handwheel mode, press F4 (A), Rotate the handwheel to make the trimming pen touch the grinding wheel, set the value dropped by the A axis to the column A of the working coordinate G54. Start the hydraulic pump, the spindle rotates forward, the knob is adjusted to the automatic mode, press F7 (initial repair), and then press the program to start, the amount of trimming and the number of times are set in the parameter settings. Fourth, the knife Feed the workpiece into the Y2 axis, press and hold the Y2 key to turn the workpiece to the exact position, and the value of Y2 is input to the Y2 adjustment angle in the parameter setting. The Z-axis working coordinate should be set according to user requirements, that is, the grinding wheel Next, the smaller the back angle of the workpiece. Therefore, the X-axis to the front Z-axis must be adjusted to the exact position by a hand wheel and set in G54. Fifth, start After completing the tool setting and confirming the error, the knob is adjusted to the automatic mode. When the program is started, it will enter the working state. At this time, you can press F1 (program pause) at any time.

Operation  precautions of drill grinding machine

1. The “Reset” button is often used in the work. When pressing this button, you must pay attention to whether the grinding wheel leaves the workpiece. Otherwise, the workpiece will hit the grinding wheel. Because the gearbox returns to the starting position, the workpiece on the Y1 axis will touch. Grinding wheel. 2. . In the case of sudden power failure or power failure, that is, when the Y2 feed rod is sent out if the power is turned on at this time, the hydraulic pump and the material box are started. And the Y2 feed cylinder will return to the same position and collide with each other. The solution is  use the hand to pull back; &#130. Press the magazine button to make the solenoid valve light up, then start the hydraulic pump.

Use of drill grinding machine

1. Shorten the chisel edge, but it can't be repaired. Feed resistance can be reduced. 2. Take advantage of the opportunity to shorten the chisel edge and try to improve the negative rake angle at the chisel edge. Increasing the rake angle at this point reduces the cutting force and makes drilling easier. 3. Use a larger change angle. Reduce frictional resistance and make drilling lighter. 4. Reduce the apex angle. Usually, the feed pressure of the hand drill is insufficient, and a proper reduction of the apex angle can increase the positive pressure of the cutting edge on the cutting surface. Which is a reason for the V-belt drive. But too small will affect the rake angle of the cutting edge. 5. Holes with poor hole diameter and roughness requirements can properly maintain the two edges slightly unbalanced. The aperture of the hole portion thus drilled is slightly larger, and the friction between the land and the wall of the hole can be reduced. Demina's professional APE-40 drill grinding machine supplier, our drill grinding machine is of good quality and high efficiency. Welcome everyone to buy.
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