Online Wheel Dressing Equipment For BT-150D Tool Grinder
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Online Wheel Dressing Equipment For BT-150D Tool Grinder


When the BT-150D tool grinder performs grinding work, the consistency of the workpiece size of the equipment depends largely on the consistency of the process system state. After the grinding wheel is dressed once, the thickness of the abrasive is reduced, and the end face of the grinding wheel is changed to the specified calibration position, which leads to changes in the state of the entire processing system and the size of the workpiece to be processed. Therefore, the consistency of the size cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it is very important to compensate for the grinding wheel after dressing.

The BT-150D tool grinder produced by Demina is equipped with an online grinding wheel dresser. The computer can be operated online, saving a lot of labor costs. When the equipment is finished grinding, it can be automatically trimmed and cleaned with compressed air. The dressing wheel can be arranged in the software interface. The dressing process of the grinding wheel is the mutual grinding of two abrasives. This is the result of a comprehensive effect. Not only the thickness of the abrasive of the grinding wheel is reduced, but the thickness of the abrasive of the dressing wheel is also reduced.

When the grinding times of the equipment reach the set dressing interval times, the dressing module is automatically called in the NC program to realize the automatic dressing of the grinding wheel. The Demina 150D tool grinder has this function, which saves the operator’s time by replacing the grinding wheel. The grinding efficiency is very high, and users in need are welcome to come to the company for consultation and purchase.

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