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  • General Purpose Tool Grinding Machine Pp-50 Adopts Precise Rolling Guide Table

    Tool Grinding Machine pp-50 General-purpose tool grinding machine pp-50 adopts a precise rolling guide table, which makes the table move smoothly and has little friction. The grinding wheel motor can be easily tilted and rotated 360° in the horizontal plane. These two functions can easily set the front Angle and the back Angle of the tool, expanding the range of use of the machine tool. Various optional devices can be used to meet the grinding requirements of various cutting tools. Technical parameters Longitudinal table movement distance: 230mm Horizontal table movement distance: 180mm Table area: 620 x 190mm The vertical adjustment range of sand wheel shaft: 120mm The tilt range of the sand wheel shaft in the vertical plane: 360° Grinding wheel size: 180 x 25 x 31.75mm Grinding wheel speed: 3,600 RPM Motor: 3/4 HP, 110V/220V/380V Net/gross weight: 280kg / 320kg Packing volume (length x width x height): 1,000 x 850 x 1,540mm; Standards to match One corundum bowl grinding wheel, one corundum disk grinding wheel, one diamond pen, one toolbox, ten hexagonal wrenches, one grinding wheel handle, one cross screwdriver, one open spanner, one oil pot, and one work lamp. Notes of PP-50 universal tool grinder Delivery date: within 50 days after receipt of the advance payment. Payment terms: full payment after delivery. Place of delivery: place specified by the buyer. Expiry date: 90 days
  • Measurement Function Of China BT-560 Tool Analyzer

    The BT-560 tool analyzer is ideal for tool inspection with high-resolution CCDB/W cameras (for non-contact surface and transmitted light measurements on tool edges and for surface light measurement of tooltip geometry). Features OF BT-560 tool analyzer 1. The guide rail is directly fixed on the marble to ensure the pitch and yaw precision of the guide rail. 2. The light source, belt traction, and optical tape are separated separately to reduce the mutual influence. 3. Belt center traction, to ensure the balance and stability of the transmission. 4. Beam arch design to improve the rigidity of the X-axis beam. 5. Z-axis integrated design, easy to be compatible with 40-phase lamps, laser, and other conventional functions. 6. The control cabinet and the fuselage are integrated to reduce the length of the machine. 7. Marble is made according to the standard of measuring and measuring the length and thickness to ensure the most basic precision. 8. The headcover separate design can turn over and open, convenient maintenance and repair. 9. Increase the deceleration position switch to prevent the machine from colliding with the limit. 10. Limit reduction circuit board integrated design, easy to install and debug. 11. The main control circuit design, increase the state display of the machine, easy to monitor the state of the machine. 12. The motor power line and the code line are separated and routed to reduce internal circuit interference. 13. Control cabinet strong and weak power separation, high voltage part, multi-stage filtering, and over-voltage over-current protection. 14. Key switch, emergency stop switch, emergency treatment. Measurement function of the BT-560 tool analyzer 1. has automatic grabbing measurement function. When placing the workpiece in the main interface of the software, just select the corresponding drawing command. And the software intelligently and accurately Drawing the lines, circles and other primitives in the real-time image of the workpiece, this drawing method is more accurate and faster than the naked eye and avoids human error. 2. High-precision optical-assisted focusing and height measurement based on intelligent image processing: With automatic and manual focus function, the Z-axis can move automatically or manually after selecting the target area to search for a clear position. The software automatically captures and discriminates, reducing human error to a low level. 3. The map function The user-friendly map navigation function can help you quickly locate local positions on large workpieces and shorten the search time required for operations. Open the map for virtual measurements or navigation. 4. Fully automatic and manual CNC measurement China BT-560 tool analyzer's CNC programming measurement is divided into fully automatic and manual mode. In the fully automatic CNC mode, when performing large-volume workpiece inspection, only one programming of the measurement process is required to automatically perform multiple automatic repeated measurements. The manual CNC model is adopted for the manual workbench, which can realize the automatic measurement function of the analog CNC and improve work efficiency. 5. Array measurement The array measurement can automatically measure the part of the array distributed on the same workpiece. It only needs to program the part of the open distribution and automatically set the measurement after the array is set. 6. The drawings are compared Open the CAD design drawing, which does not match the actual image. Use the square function in the drawing comparison to overlap the open drawing with the image. Use the squared graph to make measurements or make simple comparisons. 7. SPC statistics Built-in SPC (Statistical Process Control) function, can read the specified measurement data after measurement, generate XR, Xm-R and other control charts, and calculate the maximum value, minimum value, average value, standard deviation, offset value, Ca, Statistical coefficients such as Cp and Cpk. Maintenance OF BT-560 tool measuring machine 1. BT-560 tool measuring machine should place in a clean and dry room to avoid sweat damage on the surface of optical parts. Rusting of metal parts, dust, and debris falling into the moving rail, affecting the performance of the instrument. 2. After use BT-560 tool measuring machine, should wipe the working surface clean at any time, it is best to cover the protective cover. 3. The transmission mechanism and moving guide of the instrument should be regularly lubricated. 4. The surface of the glass and paint is dirty. It can wipe clean with a neutral detergent and water. Never use organic agents to wipe the surface of the paint, as it will tarnish the surface of the paint. 5. BT-560 tool measuring machine instruments precision parts, such as the impact system, workbench, optical ruler and Z-axis transmission mechanism, etc.. Need to precisely adjust, all adjustment screws and solid screws are fixed, can not disassemble. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd a professional BT-560 tool analyzer manufacturer, our products are of good quality and reliable performance. Welcome everyone to buy.  
  • The History Of Tool Grinder Manufacturing Is Very Young In The Machine Tool Industry

    The production of tool grinder has developed rapidly The history of tool grinder manufacturing is very young in the machine tool industry. In grinding machine in the production of more than one hundred years of history, the production of tool grinding machine has been serious enough in the past, the first tool grinding machine made in 1889 by the United States Cincinnati company first, then the NORTON in 1890 successfully trial-produced the tool grinding machine, but then are adopt gear belt transmission, simple structure, efficiency is very low. In the last 30 years, with the development of industry and the progress of science and technology, the production of tool grinder has developed rapidly, not only semi-automatic and full-automatic tool grinder and CNC tool grinder also began to apply. Tool grinder is the necessary auxiliary equipment for metal cutting. It is used to grind various metal cutting tools. Due to the continuous improvement of the metal cutting process, metal cutting machine tool innovation, which requires new cutting tools, and the tool grinding has been put forward new requirements. The advantage of tool grinder High precision, good rigidity, economical and practical, especially suitable for grinding various small and medium-sized tools, such as reamer, tap, twist bit, reaming bit, various milling cutter, milling cutter head, gear shaper cutter. With the corresponding fitting, it can grind the outer circle, inner circle, and plane, and can also grind the template and mold. The diamond grinding wheel can be used to grind various carbide cutting tools. It is especially used for tool manufacturing and tool grinding machine, tool grinding machine, drill grinding machine, broaching edge grinding machine, tool curve grinding machine, etc. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. produces professional tool grinding equipment, including drill grinding machine, CNC tool grinding machine, super hard tool grinding machine, milling machine, and undertake the business of tool resharpening.  
  • The Characteristics Of BT-150E Five-Axis CNC Tool Grinder

    Description BT-150E is a five-axis five-linkage CNC tool grinder. It consists of five CNC axes, namely, the horizontal axis of grinding wheel (X-axis), the vertical axis of grinding wheel (X-axis), workpiece feed axis (Y-axis), the horizontal axis of the workpiece (C axis) and the axial axis of the workpiece (A-axis). The machine is suitable for large-scale production and grinding of rotary cutters, such as milling cutters, drill tips (including shovel back angle and double plane back angle), end of gun drills and other cutters, especially for the manufacture of superhard rotary cutters and the grinding of various alloy cutters. Features 1. Machine tool mechanical structure: The machine tool bed (base) uses integral castings weighing 1.5 tons, which can meet the requirements of grinding any superhard material. The machine tool has a grinding fluid shield to ensure that the grinding fluid does not splash around. The interior of the machine tool is equipped with a lamp and a headlamp of the machine tool. 2. Machine tool motorized spindle: grinding head adopts motorized spindle which has high precision frequency conversion speed regulation. Power: 5 kW; maximum speed can reach 6000 rpm, using circulating water cooling. Grinding head spindle rotation accuracy: end jump 0.002 mm, diameter jump 0.003 mm. 3. Linear guideway of machine tool: The rigidity, accuracy, and durability of the machine tool are improved obviously by adopting high precision needle-rolling NO guideway. 4. Servo mechanism: Using control servo structure, servo motor control three linear feeding axes (X, Y, and Z axes) and two rotating axes (C and A axes) and can be driven by an application program to do five-axis linkage. It improves the grinding efficiency and the quality of edge grinding. 5. Control system: The five-axis five-linkage digital control system (TWINCAT) of BECKHOFF, Germany, has a resolution of 0.0001 mm. The system provides an open development interface for WINDOWS operating system and can run a non-standard tool grinding program specially written for users. 6. Lubrication system: Lubrication system adopts intermittent automatic grease lubrication system. Users can set the interval of refueling time and refueling time to ensure the service life of the screw rod.
  • The Benefits Of Extending Macro Programs

    The benefits of extending macro programs 1. Users do not need the programming foundation of high-level computer language. But can complete the macro program writing after simple training. 2. Although the macro program has a calculation function, users do not need to write complicated geometric calculation instructions. But only need to define the position relationship between the wheel and the tool with the interface function to get the adjustment amount of each moving axis of the machine. 3. The macro program written by the user has nothing to do with "hardware". That is, it has nothing to do with the structure of the machine, the structure of the wheel and the parameters of the tool (bar material), and can be "transplanted" to different machines. 4. Without the support of machine manufacturers (or software suppliers). Users can easily write grinding procedures for non-standard tools and quickly respond to market demands. 5. Machine manufacturers (or software vendors) without having to develop applications in a high-level language (mainly user interface and the database management system). Simply write "expand macros that can be" first grinding out samples. Sample tool after authorization by the user, but also accumulated rich experience in grinding process after the development of application software.
  • Safety Measures For BT-150M Tool Grinder

    China BT-150M tool grinder is a CNC lathe that grinds and polishes the surface of castings with abrasive tools. Tool grinding machines are used in a wide range of applications, not only for high-precision, high-efficiency grinding, but also for grinding with low roughness, and for polishing and polishing a variety of hard and brittle materials, so they are used in manufacturing. It is widely welcomed. The important castings of the tool grinder adopt high-grade cast iron with rare metal and pass through the quenching treatment, taking natural and vibrating and removing stress to ensure high precision, high rigidity and strengthen equipment life. The automatic lubrication system of the grinding machine adopts a circulating automatic lubrication system. When the servo motor starts, the lubricating oil is automatically circulated, which provides forced lubrication to each screw rod and slide rail, which can greatly reduce the degree of rail wear. Safety measures for tool grinding machines 1. When starting the tool grinder, it is necessary to complete the detailed inspection of the machine's external grinding machine in detail, including the inspection of the control mechanism, instrumentation equipment, and magnetic suction cups. After the inspection is completed, it will be lubricated. After the lubrication, the test operation will be completed. Check that everything is good and you can use it. 2. When installing the casting, consider the positive and tight clamping. In the grinding step of the tool grinding machine, the loosening of the casting will cause the casting to fall and cause serious injury such as injury or smashing of the sand wheel. When driving, use the manual adjustment measures to make the sand wheel piece slower and close to the casting. The cutting speed should be small, and the force should not be too strong to prevent the sand wheel from being hit. When reciprocating with the iron stopper to operate the console, it is necessary to precisely adjust the grinding length of the tool grinding machine and tighten the retaining iron. When removing the sand wheel, first take the appearance inspection, can you have a trauma, and then use a wooden hammer or a wooden stick to beat, the sound needs to be clear and crack-free. When the tool grinding machine replaces the sand wheel, it must meet the prescribed measures and standard assembly. After the static balance adjustment, install and test the car. After everything is normal, it can be used. 3. The operator should wear goggles when working, and finish the sand wheel when it is finished stably to prevent a collision. Detection of castings, alterations or scrubbing tool grinders should be carried out after shutdown. When using a magnetic suction cup, the disc surface and the casting must be wiped clean, pressed tightly, and sucked tightly. If necessary, the retaining iron can be added to prevent the casting from moving backward or flying out. Pay attention to the sand wheel cover or CNC lathe baffle, and the station should face the front of the high-speed running sand wheel. 4. There are many kinds of products in the machinery manufacturing industry, and the casting size is different, and the precision of processing is different. Relative to the specified speed of the sand wheel, the acceleration of the servo motor is not the same. It is difficult to change the speed of the servo motor to grasp the acceleration of the grinding and polishing of the casting. In view of the stress bending formed by the shaft machining process, the grinding step of the tool grinding machine will form a difference in the grinding torque of the sand wheel, which will cause the difference in the output speed/torque of the sand wheel to change, which will cause the vibration pattern/burning grain. Etc., the grinding accuracy cannot be guaranteed, resulting in low productivity and poor quality. Demina is a professional BT-150M tool grinder supplier. Our equipment has good performance and ex-factory price. Welcome to consult.
  • The Method Of Checking Tool Grinder Tool

    The Method of checking tool grinder tool APE 60 drill tool grinder inspection of the tool in daily operation is a necessary point. The methods for checking the tool grinder tool are as follows: 1. Tool grinder Before the operation, it is necessary to check whether the pieces of the tool are insured. Whether the position of each hand wheel is wrong, whether the fast feed is blocked or not, and whether the limit switches can play the role of insurance cover. 2. When starting each moving part, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the tool and each handle are on the scale of the work. When moving the handle quickly, you should first open it slightly to see if the moving part and position match. It is strictly forbidden to move the handle quickly and quickly. 3. The cutter bar, bracket, washer, indexing head, vise, knife hole, etc. should clean in parallel, and the milling machine should keep free of dirt and dirt. 4. Always stop the work on the surface grinder tool for high and low work, tightening, adjustment, shifting and measuring work. When replacing the tool holder, cutter head, vertical milling head, and milling cutter, stop it first. Open the power supply door, after the lever screw is loose, be careful to prevent injury or damage to the personnel. 5. When the tool is running, it is not allowed to measure the size, the template or the surface by hand. When removing and unloading the workpiece, move the tool and continue. 6. When disassembling the end mill, the table top must be slate, and the hand should disable to the cutter head. 7. When installing a flat milling cutter and using a wrench to pull the screw nut, it is necessary to pay attention to the proper selection of the wrench, and the force should not be too strong to prevent slipping. 8. Be sure to enter the knife slowly when the knife is turned. When the knife is near the workpiece, it is necessary to manually enter the knife. It is not allowed to enter the knife quickly. When the knife is being taken, it is not allowed to stop. Stop the knife when milling the deep groove. When you enter the knife quickly, pay attention to the wounded person. When milling the vertical feed, the workpiece must be installed at a certain distance from the workbench. 9. The surface APE 60 drill tool grinder should not too violent to use the knife. Always use the handwheel on the workbench. It is not allowed to suddenly change the progress of the advance. The infinite block should be adjusted afterward. 10. At the end of the operation, open the various electric doors, pull the handles of the tool back into the empty position, wipe the tool, and apply smooth oil.
  • Indexable Inserts / Blades Pcd Pcbn Inserts

    Most domestic diamond tool grinder design has the following two characteristics: one edge grinding PCBN and PCD cutter at the same time, as a whole natural diamond cutter; It is mainly used for grinding and welding the boring tool of super hard turning tool, and also give consideration to the cutter of disk type and shaft type.  At present, with the rapid development of technology market, PCBN and PCD tool has been widely used.The market has put forward high requirements on grinding efficiency of PCD and PCBN tool grinding equipment, mainly expressed as follows.  1. The grinding specific gravity of indexable blade is increased, the request equipment is specific, the structure is simple and rigid. With the deepening of the division of labor and cooperation, more than 80% of customers use this equipment to mass produce the same type of cutting tools, namely PCNB, PCD or alloy indexable blades, welding turning tools and so on. For a single need, the machine structure can be simplified, equipment rigidity to be greatly strengthened.This not only reduced the cost of equipment, but also laid a solid foundation for high efficiency production.  2. The tool centering time requirement is greatly shortened.The arc of the blade is formed by the rotation of the working table, and the center of the arc of the tool is adjusted to coincide with the rotating axis of the working table (that is, the cutter action).  3. The operation should be convenient and reliable, and manual skills should not be attached to the operator as far as possible. In order to grind natural diamond cutter, the traditional machine tool introduces "flexible feed" and "constant pressure grinding" technology, which can maintain the natural diamond cutter with strong brittleness. The traditional equipment adopts the method of cylinder feeding to achieve this result, which greatly reduces the grinding efficiency of PCD PCNB tool.In addition, because the machine manufacturing accuracy is insufficient, so that this machine tool is very unstable, need very strong manual skills to display their expertise.  Demina company application of ancient high-tech technology, is committed to solving the problem of tool grinding key skills, the traditional bt-150a diamond tool grinder basically, developed BT-150J (electrical), BT-150H /BT-150M(economic) and BT-150D (intelligent) series of blade grinder, the basis to find out how to solve the above problems. 
  • Kyocera Super - Hard Blade/insert Factory

    About Kyocera factory in China Kyocera announced on June 30, 2015, that it has started construction of a new ultra-hard blade factory in China. The new plant is scheduled to open in January 2016. China's auto industry has a growing demand for cutting tools. To meet this demand, Kyocera established Kyocera precision tools co., ltd. in January 2015 in a joint venture with ganzhou hai sheng tungsten & molybdenum co., LTD., a Chinese tungsten smelting enterprise. The new factory covers an area of about 20,000 m2, with a total construction area of about 23,000 m2. It will become Kyocera's fourth machine tool production base in China after Dongguan, Zhuhai, and Shanghai. Kyocera will expand its sales in China by strengthening its production system. In October 1995, the Kyocera machinery tools business department started to take root in Shillong town, Dongguan city and started to produce high-performance cutting tools by means of incoming materials processing. Relying on the high-tech material technology, exquisite manufacturing technology, and the globally unified quality assurance system. Kyocera cutting tools have rapidly expanded the overseas market, with a share of 25% in the Japanese cutting tools market, and in Japan has been a "hard alloy association award" and "customer trust award". After 12 years of development, the tool business department of shilong workshop has become the largest production and business site of Kyocera tools. Products cover automobile, aircraft, ship, HDD parts and die processing based on the outer, inner, grooving, cutting, drill and milling processing. Since January 2006, we have started production as a joint venture and sold the machine tools in China through a domestic sales company ----- Kyocera (Tianjin) trading co., LTD. (now renamed Kyocera (China) trading co., LTD.). Beijing Demina company will provide Kyocera several sets of diamond tool grinding machine for PCD & PCBN insert grinding.  
  • Notes For Use Of Tool Grinder

    Notes For Use Of Tool Grinder 1. Please read the user manual carefully before starting using maintaining or performing any operation. Follow the instructions and information. Non-operators are not allowed to use the machine. 2. Please wear proper safety clothing, glasses and gloves during operation to prevent the injury of metal debris. Please do not wear any rings, watches, necklaces or incompactmoving clothes.(such as ties, scarves, unbuttoned jackets, or unzipped overalls, worn clothes and so on). These are likely to be caught up in the moving parts of the equipment. 3. The Tool Grinder cannot be used in case of failure. If there is an operational problem, please report to the supervisor in time. 4. Before starting the machine, please check whether all parts have been eliminated safety hazards and protective measures are appropriate. 5. The area for maintenance and operation (routine maintenance and special maintenance) must be dry and clean and fully equipped in good working condition. 6. Any repair must be made after the Tool Grinder equipment is stopped and the power is disconnected.No bare wire lighting is allowed during leak inspection and testing. 7. Never use detergent, gasoline, solvents, or other flammable liquids, but use permitted non-flammable non-toxic commercial solvents. 8. When the equipment is in the active state, lubrication is not allowed. 9. Make sure the Tool Grinder voltage and frequency meet the requirements before making electrical connections. The electrical connection of the power supply must be well grounded. 10. Any operation of the electrical systems, such as replacement of fuse, overload protector replacement and so on must be handled by a professional person and the power of the equipment must be cut off.           
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