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  • Characteristics Of Cubic Boron Nitride(CBN) Tools

    Cubic boron nitride tools (CBN tools) are a kind of tools which were first synthesized by American general electric (GE) company under high temperature and pressure by the artificial method in the 1950s. The notable characteristic of them is that it has a good impact resistance. Especially in rough machining field. It does not break when used. Which is the most basic guarantee for the safety of cubic boron nitride (CBN) tools. The microhardness of CBN tools single crystal with good wear resistance is HV8000 ~ 9000. Which is the second highest hardness material known at present. Characteristics of cubic boron nitride(CBN) tools The hardness of CBN tools composite sheet is generally HV3000 ~ 5000. CBN tools also have high oxidation resistance and do not happen the oxidation phenomenon until 1000℃. And do not have a chemical reaction with iron materials at 1200 ~ 1300℃. This allows machining efficient while replacing ceramic tools at low cost. Which is the economic guarantee for CBN tools. Moreover, with the development of technology, the temperature of oxidation of cubic boron nitride tools will be higher and higher. And the production efficiency will be continuously improved. Thereby bringing greater convenience to users and creating greater production value.  
  • Technical Advantages Of PP-100 Tool Grinder

    PP-100 Tool Grinder, as a precision grinding equipment, can perform high-precision and small surface roughness grinding, and can also perform rate grinding. And this kind of grinding equipment also has a wide range of grinding, which can grind taps, taps, chamfering tools, front ends of end mills, round bars and other tools. It can also grind drills, center drills, NC drills, step drills, and straight grooves. Our company produces the PP-100 universal grinding machine uses precision rolling guides to make the table movement stable and low friction.Technical Advantages Of PP-100 Tool Grinder1. The equipment has a wide range of applications and is suitable for the processing of messy and irregular shaped parts.2. Precision grinding. Complete computer control to eliminate human errors and improve grinding efficiency.3. The main shaft is also equipped with a butterfly wheel and a flat grinding wheel. The computer software can complete accuracy compensation and optimize control.4. China PP-100 universal mill grinder machining center, turning center, grinding center, electric machining center, etc. have the functions of tool magazine and automatic tool change. Reduce the number of manual clamping, improve processing accuracy, and reduce labor costs.5. Universal tool grinder adds flexibility to machining equipment. Flexible processing is not only suitable for a variety of types, small and medium batch production. But also for mass production, and can alternately complete the processing of two or more different parts. This flexibility increases the function of actively changing workpieces, which can complete unattended operation at night. The Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS), consisting of several tool grinders, has a more flexible active manufacturing system, including processing, assembly, and inspection.Beijing Demina is a professional PP-100 universal mill grinder manufacturer. All of our universal grinders are manufactured by ourselves, which can fully meet any of your grinding needs. Everyone is welcome to inspect the test machine.
  • Method For Improving The Production Efficiency Of BT-150D CNC Tool Grinding Machine

    In 2018, with the concept of "high-precision and high-efficiency machine tools". Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd developed the BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder series, which has been well received by many customers. In 2019, we equipped the HMI* "TOYOPUC-Touch" that matches the IoT* era on this series of models, further improving the convenience of user operation. In 2019, we developed the new BT-150D CNC insert grinding machine in order to meet the user needs of the wheel table angle switchable function and thermal deformation reduction. The model with short tip distance and the maximum workpiece load of 300kg. Main features of BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder 1. Switchable wheel table angle The three modes of straight cutting, beveling 45 degrees, and beveling 60 degrees can switch freely. 2. Stable grinding accuracy Standard with thermal shield and grinding wheel fan cooling system Optional high-precision specifications: spindle table, grinding wheel table cooling system. Grating ruler and other specifications for customers to choose. 3. Rich product line 2 new models with a top distance of 500mm and 2000mm; The specification of the maximum workpiece load of 300kg; Added full enclosure specifications for optimized workability. 4. The latest HMI configuration As standard, the new product is equipped with the latest HMI "TOYOPUC-Touch" in line with the IoT era. Improving operational performance, maintenance performance, and visualization. BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder Advantage 1. Stable machining accuracy 1C-X 4-axis simultaneous control of the grinding method. The device is controlled by the central rotation of the crankshaft main journal and the two axes of the grinding wheel table feeding. So that the grinding wheel table and the rotating link neck follow the grinding, and the cylindrical portion of the connecting rod neck is ground. 2. Improve the roundness by correct wheel diameter management BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder the measuring system with a contact sensor correctly measures the diameter of the grinding wheel after each dressing of the grinding wheel and improves the roundness by reflecting the measured value during C-X grinding. In addition, since the diameter of the grinding wheel can measure correctly, the CBN grinding wheel can use to the minimum diameter and reduce waste. ※Wheel dressing: grinding wheel deviation removal and modification. Method for improving the production efficiency of BT-150D CNC tool grinding machine 1. Reduce the number of processing sections by increasing the proximity of the left and right grinding wheels. The closest distance is shortened from the original 50mm to 18mm so that the adjacent link neck and main shaft neck can be processed simultaneously. This also reduces the number of machining stages and shortens the machining cycle. 2. Through the connecting rod neck phase indexing system to achieve tool-free tooling The connecting rod neck phase indexing system using the contact sensor can automatically correspond to various workpieces with different diameters of the connecting rod neck and the connecting rod neck stroke. So that the tool changing the phase of the connecting rod neck phase positioning can eliminate. 3. Speeding up the traverse feed of the grinding wheel table The rapid feed rate has been increased from 20m/min to 40m/min. By increasing the feed rate, the indexing time of the grinding wheel table is shortened. BT-150D CNC inserts grinding machine Improves operability, maintainability, and reliability. Standard with HMI. The new BT-150D CNC insert grinding machine has the same operability as a smartphone. With common information display and visualization of machine status, providing comprehensive support for customers' operations. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd A professional BT-150D CNC tool grinder manufacturer, welcomes users who need it to purchase.
  • The Key Process Of Preparing PCD Tool

    Process Of Preparing PCD ToolFor the preparation of PCD tools, especially the preparation of various high-precision (dimensional tolerance up to 2um), non-standard composite PCD tools, the most critical processes include PCD tool welding, cutting and grinding. The welding process not only determines the welding strength of the PCD blade but also affects the cutting performance of the PCD cutting edge. For PCD tools with complicated cutting edges that cannot be sharpened, the required cutting edges can be obtained through rough cutting and fine cutting on five-axis five-linkage CNC slow-moving wire processing machine. For the cutting edge that needs to be refined, it can leave a small margin when cutting with high precision and then achieve the dimensional requirements through a refined grinding.Beijing Demina has produced the BT-150D CNC tool grinder, which is specialized for the grinding of super-hard tool grinders. BT-150D four-axis CNC PCD & PCBN tool grinder consists of grinding wheel swing axis (X-axis), grinding wheel tilt angle axis (B axis), horizontal plane rotation axis (C axis), workpiece feed axis (Y-axis, different angle axes have different Grinding function. When the tool grinding machine is working, the workpiece feed axis (Y-axis) is equipped with a grating ruler and closed-loop position feedback is used to ensure the accuracy of micron-level grinding, which improves the grinding of the equipment to a certain extent. Efficiency, and use a computer to save a lot of manpower and material resources.BT-150D CNC tool grinder has reliable performance and is suitable for mass production of PCD and CBN inserts, carbide inserts, etc. Once the centering of the equipment is completed, the grinding will be completed automatically to achieve constant pressure grinding and flexible feed. This system can measure and compensate for the uniform consumption of the grinding wheel, so it can achieve long-cycle production. It belongs to the PCD tool grinding process. For PCD tool manufacturers, choosing the right high-efficiency tool grinder is critical.
  • Product Update: Cemented Carbide Rods And Bars

    Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co.,ltd is specialized in manufacturing CNC PCD/PCBN grinding machines. We have different kinds of tool grinding machines for exporting. Besides, we also manufacture grinding wheel, standard board and cemented carbide rods and bars. If you have any interest in our products, please contact us at any time. Characteristics of Cemented Carbide Rods And Bars The innovation of the special alloy hard alloy material grades accounts for a large proportion of the current tool innovation. Especially the comprehensive large companies with hard alloy and superhard material development and production capacity. These companies launch a large number of new grades every year. The main selling point of the new products of special alloy. The idea of the development of Demina alloy is based on the characteristics of the application field. The advantages of integrated materials, coatings and troughs, and the development of the “symptomatic medicine” type. Which makes the blade show performance advantages in a certain range of application, resulting in a good performance. The processing effect can generally increase processing efficiency by more than 20%.    Features of  Cemented Carbide Rods And Bars 1. The blank of cemented carbide bars adopts over-pressure auto-relief extrusion equipment. All types of bars can produce. The auto-extrusion equipment imported from Germany can adjust the pressure according to different requirements, which is beneficial to the production of different types of bars. 2. Precision grinding of carbide bar blank with high precision can achieve mirror effect: Adopting CNC grinding machine, possessing polishing speed, which can quickly remove the damaged layer caused by polishing, improving surface smoothness and achieve the mirror effect. Use range 1. Manufacturing integral cemented carbide cutter. 2. Manufacturing and processing PCB micro-drill. 3. Manufacturing cemented carbide mandrels and other wear-resistant parts. And the following picture is about the type, diameter, tolerance of diameter, length and tolerance of length of cemented carbide rods and bars.
  • Grinding Method Of Micra-10 Sharpening Machines

    Micra-10 small drill grinding machine can use to grind high-speed steel and carbide drills with high grinding accuracy. This equipment is developed and produced by our company and is specially designed and manufactured for the sharpening system of automatic centering type. And the equipment has a very high technical design, which is the professional development and production of our company’s technical staff. Let’s introduce the equipment to everyone.Micra-10 sharpening machines can use to grind all kinds of high-speed steel and cemented carbide engraving tools and single-sided or multi-sided tools. When the machine is grinding, the grinding indexing head can operate in 24 positions, so that it can grind any angle and shape. In addition, it is more labor-saving. Only the accessories on the indexing head need to replace, and the grinding of end mills, drills, turning tools, and ball end mills can be performed without any complicated steps.Since it is known as a knife sharpener, its function is bound to be powerful. This equipment has flexible grinding methods. Beijing Demina will introduce the different grinding methods of the China Micra-10 sharpening machine.Grinding Method Of Micra-10 Sharpening MachinesTurning tool grinding accessoriesHigh-speed steel and carbide tools can fix on the accessory. The tool must be replaceable by the sector of the accessory. Its task is to clamp the tool in the center of the accessory and maintain the required height.Grinding accessories for end millsFor end mill grinding, a release device is needed to turn the attachment to the required angle. The translational positioning of the guide rod can be adjusted according to the diameter of the end mill.Features Of Knife SharpenerThe grinding method of the Micra-10 sharpening machine is simple and convenient, and the sharpened edge is in a straight line. Compared with manual sharpening, the use of the blade increases the strength of the blade and increases the blade’s service life and processing capacity. The machine tool body, worktable, slide, reduction electrode, grinding head, and electrical appliances are composed of six parts. The structure between the various components of the equipment is compact, the appearance is beautiful and reasonable, the grinding head travels evenly and smoothly, and it is suitable for the processing of various straight-edged tools!Beijing Demina specializes in the production of knife sharpening equipment. Now Micra-10 sharpening machine for sale, users who are in need are welcome to come and inspect.
  • The Processing Of PCD Tools

    The processing of PCD tools The cutting edge geometry and final dimensions of the PCD tools are usually ground on CNC tool grinding machine. However, ultra-hard tools with polycrystalline diamond (PCD) cutting edges pose a challenge for grinding. In fact, grinding a PCD tip with the hardest diamond grinding wheel takes a lot of time and loss of grinding wheels. Faced with two substances of the same hardness and trying to use one to remove the other. The final result is that the wear rate of the grinding wheel almost reaches 1∶1 loss and it is too high. Therefore, to improve the sharpening efficiency of PCD tools, mainly in the following aspects. 1.Enough rigidity and stability. 2.Unique grinding wheel swing mechanism. 3.Grinding force. 4. Fully supplied coolant.
  • PCD Tool Welding

    PCD tool welding for PCD tool preparation, PCD composite plate and carbide or steel matrix welding is very important.PCD welding methods include laser welding, vacuum diffusion welding, vacuum brazing, high frequency induction brazing, etc.The brazing technology of PCD composite chip is one of the key technologies restricting the popularization and application of PCD tool.As is known to all, the brazing of cemented carbide mostly adopts high temperature brazing process (brazing temperature is about 1000°), while the PCD composite piece must adopt low temperature brazing process, otherwise it will cause thermal damage to the PCD composite piece, affecting its cutting performance.However, the joint strength of low temperature brazing is often lower, and it is easy to unsolder during tool processing.At present, many tool manufacturers in China are troubled by the thermal damage of PCD tool welding and the problem of unwelding.Many researchers have also made in-depth studies on this problem. In the research on high-frequency induction brazing technology of PCD composite chip, it is found that the welding temperature has the greatest influence on the welding strength when PCD composite chip is welded by high-frequency induction brazing.Through the study on the thermal stability of PCD composite plates, the safety degree of brazing was determined: when brazing SYNDITE PCD composite plates in air atmosphere, the safety temperature of CTB002 brand should be lower than 650°C, CTB010 brand should be lower than 670°C, and CTB025 brand should be lower than 720°C.In addition, wc-based cemented carbide with high cobalt content (i.e. K cemented carbide) should be preferred for brazing PCD composite chips, which is conducive to improving brazing strength.
  • Selection Criteria Analysis Of CNC Grinding Machine

    Selection criteria for CNC grinding machine China Micra-10 sharpening machine when machining, the surface used to determine the relative position of the workpiece to the automatic sharpener and tool is called the positioning reference. What are the criteria for the rough reference? First, the selected rough reference should facilitate positioning. Clamping, and machining, and make the fixture results simple. Second, if it is necessary to first ensure the positional accuracy requirement between the machined surface and the unmachined surface. The unmachined surface should be used as a rough reference. Third, in order to ensure that the roughing allowance of its important surface is small and uniform, the surface should be selected as a rough reference. Fourthly, in order to make the machining allowance of a plurality of surfaces on the blank relatively uniform. The fur surface of the remaining blank surface to the selected rough reference should select to be a rough reference. In addition, the rough reference should be flat, without defects such as gates, risers, and flashes. So that the positioning is reliable, and the coarse reference can only be used once to avoid large position errors. Before installing the grinding wheel of the sharpener, you should check its quality first. You can tap the side of the grinding wheel with a nylon hammer. If the sound is crisp, it means no problem. When installing the grinding wheel, it is necessary to consider the problem of balance. The imbalance is mainly caused by the inaccurate quality and installation of the grinding wheel so that the center of gravity of the grinding wheel does not coincide with the rotating shaft. Then pay attention to the positioning problem. Only the reasonable and appropriate location is selected, in order to carry out other installation work. Then it is the protection problem. Its main function is to effectively cover the grinding wheel debris when the fault occurs and to ensure the safety of the personnel. Therefore, when replacing the grinding wheel with a new grinding wheel. The installation of the protective cover should be firm and reliable, and the protective cover must not feel free to disassemble or discard. Analysis of Grinding Machine Precision In addition, we must pay attention to the rigidity and precision of the sharpener. The accuracy depends on the design principle of the sharpener and the function of the sharpener components. No matter what kind of sharpening machine, the precision of machining is the key factor that restricts the processing of the workpiece. So it should well understand. If a measurement error occurs, it is generally caused by an error caused by the gage, a measurement method error, and the like. When adjusting the error, if the adjustment method is used, the measured sample cannot fully reflect the dimensional dispersion of various random errors in the processing. Affecting the correctness of the adjustment size, resulting in dimensional error, tool error and tool wear. Mechanism repeat positioning accuracy, feed error, process system thermal deformation. Workpiece mounting error, grinding machine spindle rotation error, grinding machine guide rail geometry error. The geometric relationship between feed motion and spindle is incorrect. In addition, there are grinding machine transmission error, forming motion principle error, tool error. Process system stress deformation, workpiece residual stress, process system thermal deformation and so on. A is a machine for grinding metal equipment. For CNC grinding machines, what specifications should follow during operation? Pay attention to check whether the three-phase four-wire power is normal. The running direction of the grinding head and the grinding wheel and whether it is in accordance with the direction indicated by the stroke button. During the operation, the oil should lubricate at any time on the track to prevent the track from being worn due to lack of oil. In the process of calibrating. If there is an error in the left and right. It can adjust by the adjusting screw on the knife holder. Moreover, in the process of sharpening the knife, it should note that the amount of the feed cannot be too large. So as to prevent the feed amount from being too large, the blade and the heat are too high to deform the blade. So that the blade edge of the milled blade is not in a straight line. When there is a burr on the edge of the blade, it means that the blade has been ground. So there is no need to feed the knife until the spark is small, the blade is removed, and the stone is used to deburr. When not using the CNC sharpener, you must wipe the water stain on the knife holder. Butter or oil to prevent rust, the oil hole on the machine, you must first fill the oil before going to work every day. Demina is a professional Micra-10 sharpening machine manufacturer. Users who are in need are welcome to purchase.
  • Points To Note During Grinding Of APE 60 Drill Tool Grinder

    APE 60 drill tool grinder is a new grinding machine developed and manufactured by Demina. The grinding range of this equipment: center drill, NC drill, grinding drill, step drill, spiral tap, chamfer cutter, straight groove tap, end mill, and round bar. The working table adopts two types of dovetail guide rails and high-precision linear rolling guide rails. The bed is balanced and the operation is lightweight.During the grinding work, the machine’s motor can rotate 360 °. The grinding wheels on both sides can grind different drill bits by rotating the grinding wheels when grinding drill equipment of different materials. Operators reduce wheel exchange time and increase equipment safety.Points To Note During Grinding Of APE 60 Drill Tool Grinder1. Before tool grinder processingThe APE 60 universal drill tool grinder is in place. Check that all joints such as oil pipes, electrical wires, and water pipes are locked. When the drive parts of the grinding machine are powered on, please use a manual test machine to ensure that the drive of each part has been turned over. In addition, the operator also needs to pay attention to the rotation of the spindle of the grinding machine, the matching of the grinding wheel and the processing data, and the balance of the grinding wheel.2.Grinding machine grindingWhen starting grinding, check whether the workpiece is attracted or clamped securely, and the distance between the grinding wheel and the workpiece. Investigate the running speed of each transmission component and feed during processing to prevent accidental detection. The order of startup magnetic disk magnetism, oil pressure, grinding wheel, on-off valve, water pump. The order of shutdown is an on-off valve, water pump, oil pressure, spindle, disk demagnetization.3. Routine maintenance after using the grinderThe operator cleans up the grinding machine’s workbench and surrounding waste before leaving work and investigates the surroundings of the grinding machine for oil and water leakage. Regularly check the smoothness of the grinder guide every week. Clean up the cooling water tank of the grinder every 15-20 days, and change the smooth oil of the machine tool rail every 3-6 months. When changing the guide rail, please clean the smooth oil pool and the filter of the oil pump, and replace the hydraulic oil every 1 year.
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