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  • High-performance CNC Grinding Machine

    The CNC grinding machine industry has continued to be hot mainly because the grinding machine itself has achieved high-precision. High-performance, high-efficiency, and flexibility in addition to its diverse and highly targeted categories. Because of the variety of CNC grinding machines, it can effectively meet the needs of processing technology. Similar to CNC grinding machines, it can be customized according to customer requirements. But, after all, it is machine tool equipment, which can not be too small. So as to avoid unnecessary waste of resources after replacing the processing objects later. High-performance CNC grinding machine The CNC grinding machine produced by Demina is mainly used in the grinding of the 'two grooves and one hole' of the ball bearing. That is the inner diameter of the bearing inner wheel, the inner wheel groove, and the outer soft groove. Due to the single processing, the single-axis single servo drive is adopted. Simple structure and convenient operation, its numerical control system (CNC) consist of a numerical control program. Input/output device, computer numerical control device, the programmable controller (PLC). Spindle variable frequency drive device, feed drive (AC servo) device, and active detection device. composition. CNC grinding machines can achieve high precision, high quality and high efficiency grinding under computer control. It can save a lot of special process equipment than special grinding machine processing. Has strong flexibility manufacturing capability and obtains good economic benefits. Compared with the ordinary grinding machine, it can eliminate many artificial interference factors in the long process of complex processing. And the precision and interchangeability of the processed parts are good, and the processing efficiency is high. The mechanical structure should meet the following conditions The automatic tool setting device of CNC grinding machine nut grinder should meet the following conditions in mechanical structure: 1 When the probe is extended, it is consistent with the center of the grinding wheel in the longitudinal and height directions of the machine. 2 When the probe is returned, it should be lower than the end face of the grinding wheel. 3 The distance between the probe and the center of the grinding wheel in the transverse direction of the machine tool should be greater than the maximum outer diameter of the nut that the machine can process. 4 The repeat positioning accuracy of the position where the probe is extended is ≤0.002mm. is a hot-selling product of Demina. The company has also obtained more technical information about CNC grinding machines with years of market experience. If you want to know more about CNC grinding machines, you are welcome to come to know!
  • BT-150H Diamond Tool Grinder Technological Breakthroughs

    BT-150H Diamond Tool Grinder Technological Breakthroughs1.The optimization of the vertical axis: the micro-adjustment of the vertical axis lift integrated into the workbench fixture, greatly enhance the stability and rigidity of the equipment.2. More stable feed: PCD is a hard brittle material, can not withstand the impact (especially periodic), so our company’s improved machine tool design with air pressure “flexible feed” device. In the tool blade by the impact of the knife function, effectively improve the roughness of the blade.3. A large screen is used to display the data and tool images of each coordinate, which is located directly in front of the operating station. It is not necessary to frequently twist the head and raise the head.4. Spindle Angle: by the servo motor “on line” control, one, two back Angle grinding in one go, but also because of the online control “automation” adjustment. Avoid the “artificial” error caused by manual adjustment, precision, efficiency has been improved.5. Grinding wheel integrated design: the previous tool grinding, coarse grinding, fine grinding is done on the independence of two grinding wheels, grinding or when a batch of cutting tool replacement after all coarse grinding tool first grinding, fine grinding wheel to continue or every clamping tool to rotate a coarse and fine grinding wheel, the former is of high efficiency but second clamping error exists, the latter high precision but low efficiency. Now, after innovation, the thick and fine grinding wheels are organically combined into “one grinding wheel”, with rough and fine inside, high inside and low outside. During grinding, only change the tool without changing the grinding wheel. Since the coarse and fine grinding wheels are “combined”, either party can be replaced separately when reaching the service life limit. That is, the thick and fine grinding wheels can work to their service life limit, and there is no “waste” of grinding wheels.
  • Drills Resharpening By 5-AXIS Tool Grinding Machine

     Drills resharpening by 5-AXIS tool grinding machine 1. Check whether the drill bit is bent or not, and whether the knife orifice is intact.  2. Hold one hand in the front part of the center of the drill bit, and use this hand as the 0 point, above the middle of the grinding wheel of the grinder.The other hand holds the end of the drill bit and moves up and down.  3. Thus grinding the two edges of the drill bit.Notice that the two cuts are the same length, you can use a ruler.You can see it when you are familiar with it.Also note that the center line of the drill bit and the edge of the Angle should be about 45 degrees.  4. After the measuring edge is worn, it can be seen from the figure above that the center of the drill bit is a knife edge perpendicular to the center line of the drill bit. This knife edge blocks the downward movement of the drill bit when drilling, and has a large contact surface with the processed parts, causing the slide of the drill bit and changing the drilling position.To this end I do as follows 5. On another specially designed slotted grinder, grind the transverse edge perpendicular to the middle line of the drill bit to a point, which is my ingenious treatment.  6. When you look down from the head of the drill, you can see that I have sharpened the two edges of the drill into four edges.It's pointed in the middle.That's the advantage.During drilling, the bit is stable, the resistance is small, the positioning contact surface is small, and the hole is round.  7. Put into use.The iron shavings are formed, the bit wobbles less, and the perfect bit is ground.  1. A bit grinder is a swinging bit up and down, not a rotating bit.  2, reduce resistance, stability is the position and maintain the size of the same principle.  3, pay attention to the grinder injured hand.  4. Don't feed too much at the beginning.Be consistent at all times.
  • System Basic Functions Of 4-Axis CNC Tool Grinder

    CNC tool grinder, especially 4-axis CNC tool grinder, is a high-quality, high-precision, the sharp-pointed key equipment for manufacturing precision and complex shape tools. It is also a complex structure, high degree of automation, high precision The research and development of mechatronics high-tech products with high reliability require considerable technical difficulties. The 4-axis CNC tool grinder for grinding tools must rely on tool grinding processing technology and programming technology, and the grinding processing technology and programming software for various complex shape tools are currently classified as technology abroad. Below, Beijing Demina takes the BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder as an example to tell you about the basic functions of the CNC tool grinder system.4-Axis CNC Tool Grinder System Basic FunctionsBT-150D CNC insert grinding machine system functions the system retains the basic functions of the original universal CNC system. Such as the 4-axis CNC linkage axis control function, program verification function, MDI function, linear, circular arc, and spiral interpolation functions, M, S, T function, fault diagnosis display function, embedded PLC function, etc.Automatic CNC programming function the features of this system is that on the basis of the standard universal CNC system, the tool grinding processing programming software is integrated. And the structure size and processing technology of the tool being ground are entered directly on the CNC system in the form of graphical menus. Programming and processing realize the integration of programming and processing.Tool measurement and automatic tool setting function the tool measurement function is integrated into the CNC system in this system. In the NC grinding process of the tool, the automatic tool setting solves the problems of tedious manual tool setting and poor accuracy.System hardware structure After the transformation, the hardware structure of the CNC system is mainly composed of computer numerical control unit, servo drive unit and measurement unit.BT-150D CNC Tool Grinder CharacteristicsThe guide wheel of the grinding wheel is widened to 125mm, and the cutting amount is larger and the stability is better.The machine tool layout adopts the single-sided movement of the guide wheel frame.The grinding wheel shaft adopts an overhanging structure, which makes it easy to replace the grinding wheel.The guide wheel shaft adopts a cantilever structure, which makes it easy to replace the guide wheel.The guide wheel adopts step-less speed regulation.The machine tool is equipped with a cutting mechanism.The machine can be equipped with long workpiece through-grinding brackets.The machine can be equipped with a variety of automatic feeding, loading and unloading devices.Beijing Demina professional BT-150D CNC tool grinder manufacturer, our equipment has good performance, and the system has basic functions. Everyone is welcome to inquire about the price of the equipment.
  • Operation Precautions And The Adjustment Method Of Sharpening Machine

    Adjustment method of grinding machine When we use the sharpener, we must first adjust the high-quality APE-40 UP- sharpening machine. Let's talk about the adjustment method of the sharpener. Use the feeler gauge to measure the full length of the sharpening machine. At this moment, the oscillating flywheel makes the upper turret move up and down several times. Gradually tightening the bolts, nuts, and the gap value of the aligning cutting edge to reach the required stop. Adjust the other one without adjustment and adjust the knife-edge of the sharpener to zero. At this time, we have made fine adjustments to ensure that the three wires can not enter into the five wires. The grinding machine has a large number of the inorganic body, task table, electromagnetic table, grinding head, and electric appliance. The structure between the parts is compact, and the grinding head is evenly shaken. The equipment has the precision shaking, high efficiency and long operation time. Features, it is used in the processing of a variety of straight edge tools. When arranging the sharpener, adjust it from the beginning with a feeler gauge. The has different cutting gaps for various thicknesses. Operation precautions of sharpening machine It is easy to use the automatic knife sharpener to sharpen the blade. You can use a variety of different grinding wheels to grind the woodworking blade. What should we do when sharpening? What should I pay attention to? Should calibrate APE-40 semi-auto drill grinder grinding wheel and then tightened to the end of the grinding wheel. The abrasive turning should correct. When the effective radius of the abrasive is worn to 1/3 of the original radius, the new abrasive should be replaced in time. When the knife is sharpened, the amount of feed should not be too large. Generally, it is controlled between 0.01-0.02mm. If the feed amount is too large, the blade and the heat will be too high to deform the blade, so that the edge of the blade will not be in a straight line. When grinding the main flank, the main declination and the main relief angle should ground. When grinding the flank, the secondary declination and the secondary relief angle should be ground at the same time. When grinding the back, the rake angle should be ground at the same time. In the process of sharpening the sharpening machine, we must pay attention to the safe operation. Pay attention to the details such as whether the grinding wheel is cracked or the grinding wheel shaft nut is tightened, etc., to prevent problems during use. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd specializing in the production of sharpeners, now APE-40 UP- sharpening machine for sale. Welcome everyone to come and buy.
  • Milling Cutters Introduction

    Milling cutters are used for machining mold cavities or punch forming surfaces. Die milling cutter is evolved from end milling cutter, according to the working part of the shape can be divided into three kinds of conical flat head, cylindrical ball head, conical ball head.Carbide die milling cutter is very widely used, in addition to milling a variety of mold cavity, but also can replace the hand file and grinding wheel grinding head to clean the casting, forging, welding parts burr, and some of the forming surface for finishing. The milling cutter can be installed on the use of pneumatic or power tools, production efficiency, and durability than the grinding wheel and file dozens of times. And we often use Milling cutters grinder machine for grinding and milling equipment. The commonly used grinder is BT-150M Automatic Cutter Grinder.Classification Of Milling Cutter1. Sharp teeth milling cutter: grinding a narrow blade on the back surface to form a back Angle, due to a reasonable cutting Angle, its life is higher. The tooth back of sharp tooth milling cutter has a straight line, curve and broken line 3 kinds of forms. Straight tooth back is often used for fine-tooth finishing milling cutter. The cutter tooth strength of curve and broken line tooth back is better, can bear the heavy cutting load, often used for coarse tooth milling cutter.2. Shovel teeth milling cutter: it’s back with a shovel cutting (or shovel grinding) method of processing into the Archimedes spiral tooth back, a milling cutter with blunt only re-grinding in front, can keep the original tooth shape unchanged, for the manufacture of gear milling cutter and other forms of the milling cutter.Demina company has milling cutters resharpening tool grinder. They help customers to grind the used milling cutter. It can help the customers to save the cost.
  • The Base Of Machine Ismade Of Solid Casting With High Quality.

    The design background of the insert grinding machine BT-150HG PCD&PCBN Insert Grinding Machine taper milling cutters are generally used in indexing fixtures. Longer, special-shaped tools need to be machined in both tips. The grinding table can not be moved in the longitudinal direction, and the angle of the two top longitudinal axes can be improved after the tooling, which facilitates the processing of the taper tool and the workpiece. The process points of the insert grinding machine 1. The T-shaped groove can be milled on the working surface of the curved plate, and the front and rear top seats are installed. The 90° façade is boring and locked to the façade of the fixed plate by the positioning shaft nut. 2. Since the tooling is installed on the fixed plate, the tool can be longitudinally moved and the taper tool can be machined in the two tips. The entire tool can also be adjusted by the two T-slot bolts of the fixed plate. The principle of the insert grinding machine The angled bending plate 4 is machined with a T-shaped groove, and the front and rear top seats 2 are locked by the T-shaped slot bolts 3 and the positioning keys 11, and the curved plate fixing plate 6 is fixed to the machine tool by the two T-shaped slot bolts 7. The tabletop is equipped with a bending plate positioning shaft 5, and the turning angle bending plate 4 is inserted into the bending plate positioning shaft 5 to be rotated and adjusted, and locked by a fastening nut 9. The piece 10 is a workpiece support plate fixed to the curved angled plate façade for supporting the tool tooth surface processing. The use of insert grinding machine It solves the difficulty of taper workpiece machining in the two tips and adds new tools for tool finishing. The tooling is simple, light, easy to adjust and load, and expands the processing range of the machine tool.   1. The diameter of Grinding wheel: 150mm; 2. Grinding wheel center hole: 40mm; 3. Grinding Spindle Power: 3KW; 4. RPM of Grinding: 500~4,000 RPM; 5. Variable Swing Amplitude: 0-30 mm; 6. Variable Swing Speed: 0-60 times/min; 7. Power Supply: 380V /3 Phase/50Hz; 8. Overall Dimensions L×W×H: 1890×1650×1980mm; 9. Weight: 2000kg.
  • Method Operation Of Tool Grinding Machine Grinding End Mill

    With the development of technology, the grinding efficiency of the tool grinding machine has been improved, and the grinding cost has gradually decreased. Therefore, the use of a universal tool grinder for endmill grinding is becoming more and more common. In order to better meet the grinding needs of users, Beijing Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has continuously introduced new products. The development and production of the BT-200 universal tool grinder have brought great convenience to customers. So in order to better operate the equipment, how to operate the tool grinder when grinding? Let me summarize a few points for everyone.Method Operation Of Grinding A Tool Grinder1. First, determine the diameter of the milling cutter. If you want to grind an 8MM end mill, then choose an 8MM chuck and lock the milling cutter on a 50D sleeve.2. Set the angle, and slightly tilt the milling cutter sleeve by 4 ° (the angle of the bottom of the milling cutter is between 2 ° ~ 6 °).3. Start to grind the bottom surface, such as a milling cutter, align the milling cutter with the grinding wheel, and then grind the bottom angle of the milling cutter after completing the tool setting step. After grinding one edge, replace the other edge in turn.4. Grind the center clearance angle of the milling cutter, swing the sleeve to about 10 °, and grind the center clearance angle of each milling blade in turn.5. Grind the second clearance angle of the milling cutter in turn.6. Grind the side edge of the milling cutter, use the tip to stand against the spiral groove of the milling cutter, align the grinding wheel, and push the sleeve to grind the side edge of the milling cutter.According to the PCD & PCBN insert grinding machine method described above, you can still make your milling cutter new and solve the milling cutter grinding problem. Beijing Demina professional BT-200 tool grinder supplier. Our equipment has good performance and cheap price. Welcome to come and buy.
  • Rosshair Circle Signal Generator Is A Kind Of Electronic Line Generator

    Product introduction of VD8028 cross - wire circular signal generator The crosshair circle signal generator is a kind of electronic line generator which combines video processing chip, microcontroller, and measurement technology. This product not only completes the function of converting the AV signal into a VGA signal. But also USES the video developed by the company to process the OSD function of special IC, and displays the crossover or horizontal and vertical lines and circle signals for alignment on the screen. This machine has very high stability and reliability, electronic line display position without any drift. The product can display 8 groups of crosshairs and or 8 separate freely moving horizontal or vertical lines and two groups of circular signals. The precise position of each line can adjust accurately and conveniently with the key. For the circular signal, the size of the circle and the position of the center of the circle can adjust. It can be used for the detection of connector pin evenness and the correction of a pin, the display, and the positioning of the micro-welding system. The installation and positioning indication of the magnetic head production line, the precise positioning indication of the printed circuit board (PCB) cording machine camera. The positioning hemisphere of fixture and the simulation programming and positioning of CNC milling machine, etc.   Product feature of VD8028 cross - wire circular signal generator 1. Pure hardware circular signal generator chip, two groups of circular signals can be freely adjusted by the user in size and position, with the adjustment accuracy of 1. 2. Patented technology: the video ratio of the camera can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the image of the camera can be adjusted arbitrarily in the range of 9 to 10 to 16 to 9. 3. It can perfectly present round objects without worrying about the misproportion of the widescreen display. Advanced bidirectional prediction deinterleaving technology: this technology adopts bidirectional video image prediction and accurate interpolation of image information so that the image after deinterleaving can reproduce perfectly the still object and can clearly show the small edge of the object under test. 4. Closest to video amplification technology: this technology is specially designed to make high-resolution LCD display images better. A special algorithm is adopted to keep the VGA output closest to the acquisition resolution of the camera, which can give full play to the high-definition display capability of high-end display. 5. 8 complete independent control of the circle signal of the cross wire: the position of 8 groups of circle signals (8 horizontal and 8 vertical) can be adjusted independently, and their respective positions can be stored. After shutdown, the adjusted position can be automatically entered after starting up. 6. Super noise reduction function: built-in special CMOS noise reduction algorithm can significantly reduce the noise generated by CMOS camera under low illumination, suitable for low-cost cameras. 7. Advanced color optimization function: the video image is specially optimized for color, the crisscross circle signal is enhanced for clarity, the image is soft and comfortable so that the operator can observe for a long time without feeling fatigued. 8. Single-chip dual-core architecture: single-chip built-in MCU+ video processing circuit is adopted, which makes the equipment more reliable and works when power is on, with stable performance and higher cost performance.Technical parameter index. Technical parameter index of VD8028 cross - wire circular signal generator The name: VD8028 cross - wire circular signal generator Camera support: NTSC,PAL,SECAM Automatic identification Video input interface: Composite video signal interface Input level: 75Ω 1V(P-P) Video output format: 1366x768@60(WXGA) Output interface: simulation VGA(DB-15) The power supply requirements: +5V,1A Cross pattern: 13 kinds:no,1/2/4/8 Horizontal line,1/2/4/8 vertical bar,1/2/4/8 Crosswire circle signal Cross circle signal mode: 3 kinds: 2 round signals;2 circular signals +2 horizontal lines +2 vertical lines;1 round signal +1 horizontal line +1 vertical line ross circle signal color: colorful Appearance size (height × width × depth): 50×120×200mm Weight:600g Ambient temperature: -10℃~70℃ Working environment humidity: 0%~90% no longer The power consumption of the largest: 3w    
  • About The Of The Tool Grinder

    Freight transportation is one of the main modes of modern transportation and one of the two basic modes of transportation on land. It occupies an important position in the whole transportation field and plays an increasingly important role. Smaller due to the effect of climate and natural conditions of carriage of goods, and transport capacity and cycling loading capacity greatly. In the transport of regular and low into nature an advantage, plus there are many types of vehicles, make it can carry almost any goods, almost can not be restricted by the weight and volume, and these are all can’t be matched by road and air transport way.For domestic customers, we use road transport as the tool grinder. If you want to export machine tools, usually by sea. Shipping is cheaper and safer. We have long-term cooperation with a logistics company. Ensure that products and equipment can be safely and quickly delivered to customers, so you don’t have to worry about transportation issues. Various types of tool grinders are now on sale, everyone is welcome to come and buy. 
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