Negative Chamfering Machine
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Negative Chamfering Machine


Introduction Of Negative Chamfering Machine

The equipment is designed for negative chamfering grinding of alloy blades and cubic boron nitride (CBN) blades. Through this machine, it is easy to grind high quality straight edge and arc edge by hand to ensure even width and smooth transition between straight edge and arc.
The equipment has the following characteristics: 1. Through the feeding slide plate with an Angle, the blade support is controlled to achieve precise feeding. 2. Equipped with four Angle plates, such as 10, 15, 20, and 25, suitable for different chamfer angles, other angles are optional. 3. Equipped with an on-line grinding wheel dressing device to ensure the grinding wheel end face is smooth, clean, and sharp. 4. Equipped with a vacuuming device to ensure a clean working environment. 5. Simple and easy to operate with a handheld blade without any obstacles.

Machine Specification

size of machine: H460 x D360x W460 mm

wheel center hole diameter of 40 mm

bits of the machine weighs about:25 kg

feed resolution 0.01 3mm:

wheel power 200 w

Angle plate length:130 mm

wheel speed: 1500rpm

electrical supply: 380 v

Demina chamfering machine can help the PCD&CBN tool manufactures to do the chamfer. It is a manual type machine. Welcome to visit Demina company for more details. The customers can send us the CBN inserts for trial grinding by free.

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