Necessary Rules For Prolonging CBN Cutting Tool
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Necessary Rules For Prolonging CBN Cutting Tool


Demina CBN cutting tool grinding machine is specialized in grinding CBN tools.  There are necessary rules for improving machining efficiency and prolonging tool life by CBN cutting tool

1.Adequate cooling is very effective for controlling tip temperature. For CNC machine tools and cutting tools with internal cooling, the internal cooling function that is most conducive to cooling should be used as far as possible. So that the strong high-pressure water can take away a lot of cutting heat and ensure that the processing area is kept within a certain temperature range. Even for machining equipment without internal cooling function, it is recommended to use external internal cooling tool handle, while enhancing the cooling pressure and improving the cooling effect.

2.Proper control of cutting force and cutting speed is also one of the most effective ways to reduce the temperature of the machining area and prolong the tool life. In general, the machining of difficult-to – machined materials usually adopts the fine – ground cutting edge, smaller cutting depth, and cutting width. It is very important to select a reasonable cutting line speed according to different machining materials, parts structure, and machining equipment.

3.For the same machine tools and parts, the machining method will greatly affect the machining efficiency and tool life. The purpose of cycloidal machining, spiral interpolation, and large feed milling is to reduce the cutting force and the cutting zone temperature. Spiral interpolation makes the cutting amount of each tooth relatively uniform, especially at the corner is the most obvious. Large feed cutting method, with small cutting depth, large feed effectively reduces the cutting force, so that the machining process produces the minimum cutting heat, the machining area temperature is the lowest.

4.It is also an effective way to control the temperature rise to ensure the processing interrupt chip. In general, a large amount of cutting heat is generated on the chip in metal processing, and a large amount of cutting heat generated in the processing will be taken away by the chip effectively. In general, we do not want to have long chips in the process. More attention should be paid to the processing of difficult materials, especially for the rough machining process. Under the condition that the rigidity of the whole processing system allows, should try to make it in the whole processing process to produce chip, try to use the reverse milling way, so that the formed iron chip from thick to thin, and the shape of the iron chip is “9”, “6” or “C” shape.

5. Proper and reasonable cutting tool effective Angle is maintained in the process so that each effective cutting tooth of the cutting tool can ensure the longest cooling time to the maximum extent, which is very beneficial to improve the cutting efficiency of materials and prolong the working life of the cutting tool.The effective tool Angle, reflected in the cutting parameters, is directly related to the cutting depth Ap and cutting width Ae, as well as the tool diameter Dc. Especially in the processing of difficult materials, should try to avoid full cutting. In the actual machining, the tool life will be reduced by about 30% for every doubling of the cutting Angle of the tool.

In a word, the parts of difficult to process materials have high hardness, high strength, high toughness, and high wear resistance, and their machining performance is poor, the processing is difficult, the processing efficiency is low. In this way, the parts of difficult to process materials have put forward higher requirements for machining tools.

Cubic boron nitride is widely used in cutting ferrous metal materials such as high hardness iron and steel due to its excellent cutting performance. The development of cubic boron nitride cutter has greatly improved the processing efficiency, improved product quality, and reduced production cost, and now it has occupied a large share in the market.

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