Maintenance Tips Of China PP-100 Universal Mill Grinder
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Maintenance Tips Of China PP-100 Universal Mill Grinder


Features of PP-100 universal mill grinder

1. The feed guide rail is a plastic guide rail or a rolling guide rail, which is sensitive to movement. 2. The feed system is servo motor - ball screw nut transmission, can achieve feed. The feed repeat positioning accuracy is within 0.002mm. 3. The trimmer compensation is also the servo motor-ball screw nut transmission. The repeat positioning accuracy is 0.001mm. Therefore, the feed system can compensate for the trimming amount at the same time after trimming. So that the workpiece size is still stable after trimming. 4. PP-100 universal mill grinder the electrical system is a CNC system with a touch screen at the same time. Various grinding parameters and trimming parameters can set on the screen. The operation is simple and clear, and the automatic grinding of the machine tool is realized. The automatic dressing improves the grinding. The quality has improved the efficiency of the machine tool, and it can also realize one person and multiple machines, which greatly improves the overall efficiency. At the same time, the machine has a self-diagnosis function for easy maintenance.

Maintenance tips of China PP-100 universal mill grinder

China PP-100 universal mill grinder, which is a commonly used grinding machine. It is used in a wide range of applications. In order to use this grinding machine efficiently and improve the efficiency of the grinding machine. We can carry out regular maintenance of the grinding machine. We should pay attention to some maintenance items during the use. So as to improve the efficiency of the equipment and achieve the purpose of extending life. 1. When an unexpected situation occurs, generally press the feed hold button first, instead of pressing the emergency stop button directly. 2. equipment does not allow the electric cabinet or button box or junction box to be open unless it is required for heat dissipation. 3. During the processing of the equipment, the operator is strictly prohibited from leaving the post without authorization. If it is necessary to leave due to an inspection of the workpiece, etc., the machine must stop and must suspend the equipment. 4. The operator must not change the machine parameters, machining program and setting password without authorization. During the automatic machining process. The operator is not allowed to adjust the spindle override or feed rate override without permission. It is forbidden to press the reset button. 5. After the use should maintain the equipment so that there is no processing debris inside the machine. The worktable is clean and flexible, keep the appearance and clean, the equipment is in the initial state. And fill in the equipment maintenance record sheet. 6. Before shutting down, you should end the current running machining program, return the moving parts of the equipment to the origin. Then press the emergency stop button, then turn off the power and prohibit the direct pull. 7. During maintenance, it should carry out after shutdown. It is strictly forbidden to rinse with water or coolant or directly clean electrical components and electrical cabinets. It is also not allowed to directly blow electrical components or electrical cabinets with compressed air. 8. When the equipment has a large fault, the operator can not self-care, should immediately report to the maintenance personnel. Try to provide accurate fault information, such as which equipment, what action is not executed. Fault alarm content, fault phenomenon description, etc. And protect the site, so as to arrange maintenance personnel and analyze the cause of the failure. 9. China PP-100 universal mill grinder when repairing, the operator should actively cooperate. After completing the repair, the operator must immediately perform the dry run and check whether the installation of each part of the equipment is correct. And then carry out the first inspection, and may not postpone or not for any reason. The production is carried out directly by air run, and the equipment maintenance application form is completed by the maintenance person and signed by the operator and the department head. Demina is a professional PP-100 universal mill grinder manufacturer. Our products are not only sold in China but also exported to the United States, Mexico, Turkey and Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Singapore, Southeast Asia, and other countries. Users who need it are welcome to come and buy.        
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