Main Configuration And Features Of Micra-10 Drill Bit Grinder
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Main Configuration And Features Of Micra-10 Drill Bit Grinder


Demina develops Micra-10 drill bit grinder is one of the patented products and one of the most efficient devices in the world. Its production efficiency is 1.5~2 times of the bit grinding machine produced by any manufacturer at present. And it adopts a double box, double trough, and double clamping bit spindle. When the first spindle is grinding, the second spindle starts to receive the drill bit and clamp. When the drill on the first spindle is finished, the two spindles move simultaneously and begin to grind the second spindle. The drill bit, the first spindle starts to receive the drill bit and is clamped, thereby circulating and reciprocating. The grinding head is in a state of grinding most of the time, overcoming the drawbacks of the conventional single-tank feed grinding head waiting to be time-consuming, thus greatly improving production efficiency.

Main configuration and features of Micra-10 drill bit grinder

1. Delta system five-axis linkage, fool-like operation (no need for factory programming). 2. The three angles on the double back angle can be adjusted arbitrarily (the angle of the back angle, the slope of the hindfoot, the angle of the hindfoot). 3. Micra-10 small drill grinder can carry out single-slot feeding single-head grinding (equivalent to other manufacturers' machine tools). Manual feeding can grind 400mm long drill double back angle, the maximum grinding diameter is 18mm. Before using the , it is necessary to familiarize and understand the equipment. Because it can know what it is and how to use it properly so that the product has good performance and use effect. Without product waste and so on.

Micra-10 drill bit grinder Preparation before purchase

1. Is there any preparation work before the drill grinder is purchased? Is it important? Before purchasing the product, the drill grinder needs to do some preparatory work. And it needs to be taken seriously and carried out because if this work is wrong, it will affect the correct purchase of the product. On these two issues, what is certain is that their answers are yes. The preparation work of the drill grinder before the purchase is mainly in two aspects. One is to have a clear understanding of the product use environment and the use requirements, and the other is to understand some basic information on the product and the manufacturer. So as to carry out the multi-party comparison and comprehensive consideration. To avoid wrong choices. 2. Want to choose a good quality drill grinder, what aspects of the product must be considered? In order to choose a good quality drill grinder, one must do is to choose a professional grinding machine manufacturer. In order to ensure product quality and product performance. And in turn, to ensure the use of the product, and based on this the conclusion that can draw is that if you want to choose a good quality drill grinder, the product manufacturer must consider, not the product price. 3. Do you need to master some professional knowledge to operate the drill grinder? Is there any benefit to using CNC technology on a drill grinder? The operation of the drill grinder requires mastering certain skills or mastering relevant professional knowledge. And familiarizing with and understanding the operating procedures and safe operating procedures of the drill grinder, so as to achieve correct, standardized and safe operation using the internal grinding machine. To avoid an improper or incorrect operation, to avoid danger or accidents. The use of numerical control technology on the drill grinding machine can bring some benefits. It can realize the continuous dressing of the grinding wheel, automatic compensation, automatic exchange of grinding wheel. Automatic conveying and clamping of workpieces and multiple worktables for the grinding machine to improve the working efficiency of the grinding machine. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd professional Micra-10 drill bit grinder supplier, our equipment is not only sold well in China but also exported to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Malaysia, and other countries. Welcome everyone to come and buy.  
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