Introduction To Accessories For Manual PCD Tool Grinder Model
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Introduction To Accessories For Manual PCD Tool Grinder Model


Track accuracy solution of Grinding machine

Regardless of the Manual PCD tool grinder, surface grinder, gantry grinder, etc.. As long as the moving track associated with the grinder is dominated by V-row rails and parallel rails. Some dovetail rails, the track of the grinder is used in moving and running. The running-in can make the grinding machine move to produce precision. The bottom surface of the grinding machine is pasted with a layer of the wear-resistant piece. The cast iron on the upper track and the wear-resistant piece below are worn in. The wear-resistant piece under the shovel is smooth and accurate. Under the guarantee, the above point can shovel small and dense to achieve the overall precision of the grinding machine. Another point is to look at the experience and feel of the technicians. As long as these points are ensured, the accuracy of the grinding machine on the track can solve.

Accessories Knowledge OF Manual PCD tool grinder

A small precision used in the work of the matching tool electronic ruler, also known as the grating ruler. This plays a vital role in grinding the workpiece, you can see the detailed upper and lower knife data. Forward and backward the data can also use for tool size positioning, chamfering, cutting function calculation. A workpiece forming display depends on it, the frequency converter is used to modulate the spindle grinding wheel speed. In the case of higher polishing and cleaning requirements. Lower the height, in the case of grooving, you can raise the height and grind different materials. And the number of revolutions required for the shifting is different. You can adjust it manually with the button. A disk is also a tool for the Manual PCD tool grinder. If there is no disk, the workpiece cannot be fixed. When fixing the special material, some materials are not fixed by the magnetic force, so the small fixture is fixed on the disk. There are also some auxiliary tools, just according to the different needs of the workpieces made by the customer. It is necessary to use some tools to grind some small materials, and to use a punch grinder for grinding flat thimbles. It is necessary to use the universal punch former for repairing R. Some non-standard parts are also processed with perspective tools such as perspective punches and vertical punches.

Grinding form OF Manual PCD tool grinding machine

Internal grinding machines are divided into three types. Generally, internal cylindrical grinding machines require surface accuracy, smooth surface and workpiece diameter error. 1: Planetary internal grinding, the workpiece is fixed when grinding. The grinding wheel rotates around its main axis, and the circumference is supplied at a lower speed around the center of the grinding hole. And the grinding wheel feeds longitudinal and periodic transverse. 2: Centerless internal grinding: On the centerless internal grinding machine, the workpiece is supported on the support wheel and the pressure wheel by its finished outer circle. And is rotated by the guide wheel so that the grinding method is suitable for grinding. The inner hole of the thin-walled ring part. 3: Central type internal grinding, the workpiece rotates around the centerline of the main shaft of the spindle box during grinding. The common internal grinding machine and universal cylindrical grinding machine are all suitable for grinding sleeves, gears, flanges and other parts. The inner hole is clamped to the headstock by a chuck when grinding.

How to improve the accuracy of manual PCD tool grinder model

1. The production precision of the main components needs to improve. 2. The precision of the whole machine installation is improved. 3. To improve the accuracy of the PCD tool grinding machine. There is also a need for improvement in the construction of the grinding machine. Firstly improve the rotation precision, stiffness and vibration resistance of the spindle frame and the headstock spindle assembly. Such as the integral multi-oil wedge dynamic pressure sliding bearing or static pressure bearing; the fine balance of the motor, etc.. Using the jointless flat belt transmission. Micro feed accuracy, avoid creep, improve the rigidity of the transverse feed drive chain. Directly drive the screw nut without gears, static pressure guide or closed tumbling guide with better vibration resistance. 4. PCD tool grinding machine stiffness and reduce oscillation, choose a double-walled bed, add anti-vibration pad under vibration source. Reduce heat and thermal deformation, heat source away from the machine tool, with preheater, condenser, machine tool placed in constant temperature workshop. Equipped with the high-precision automatic measuring instrument. With a high purification capacity of the coolant purification device, the coolant should clean.
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