Installation Process OF Micra-10 Micro Drill Sharpener
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Installation Process OF Micra-10 Micro Drill Sharpener


Micra-10 drill bit grinder has become a piece of common equipment for current tool grinding. It is easy to operate, but some operators may feel that they are operating normally. The installation of the tool is always difficult to meet the standard when the manufacturer is debugging. Then we grind the tool. What is the process at the time of installation? Below Micra-10 drill bit grinder supplier Demina tells you about the installation process of the device.

Installation process OF Micra-10 micro drill sharpener

1. If the horizontal adjustment of the tool holder is adjusted by rotating the handwheel with the hand tool holder. Adjust the handwheel directly to the tool post platform to the horizontal scale (0°). If it is a one-button recovery tool holder horizontally placed can directly adjust through the PLC panel or button. 2. Measure the size of the tool. If the tool is smaller than the tool holder platform, the conventional placement method is to place the blade face up. And then the front end of the blade slightly protrudes from the tool holder (some tools can be aligned with the upper part of the tool holder). The remaining portions at both ends must bilaterally symmetrical and of the same size. If you find that the tool is bigger than the tool holder, congratulations. Your business scope has been expanded, you need to purchase a larger range of sharpeners. But if the tool is only a little larger than the tool holder, then you can grind the reciprocating stroke of the grinding machine of the knife increases. That is, the stroke of both ends is adjusted. But it should note that in this case. The excess of the two sides needs to place symmetrically on both ends of the suction cup and passed through the cutter block or the steel ruler. Proofreading, in this process, must keep the electromagnetic chuck not energized. Otherwise, the tool is firmly attached to the tool holder and it is difficult to move, and may also pose potential hazards. 3. For tools that are within the processing range of the . The tool holder needs to be 5-10mm higher than the tool holder for routine installation, except for the special tool. 4. After all the above procedures are completed. Immediately lock the positioning bolts and energize the electromagnetic chuck to fix the tool to be ground.

Complete procedure OF Micra-10 small drill grinder

1. Drill sharpener Complete the tool installation and adjust the tool holder angle. The tool holder angle is horizontal during the process of installing the tool. At this time, the angle of the tool holder needs to adjust to the horizontal position of the tool edge. After the adjustment complete, the two ends of the tool holder are adjusted. The locking device is locked. 2. If the grinding wheel is not adjusted, first run back and forth for several strokes to confirm that the grinding machine is running correctly. This step is similar to the car start, the car system will start the self-test in the program. 3. Open the wheel start button and coolant valve. 4. Rotate the lifting handwheel of the Micra-10 micro drill sharpener to adjust the lifting and lowering of the grinding wheel. And gradually reduce it until the spark is repaired during the reciprocating motion. If it needs manual adjustment, it must control by the person. Reciprocating several strokes and then adjusting the grinding wheel to fall. And if it is a CNC grinding machine, then only need to set the reciprocating stroke and the amount of feed for each drop. The conventional tool grinding is mainly divided into three parts: rough grinding, fine grinding, and light grinding. The total number of working reciprocating strokes is within 10-30 times. If the number of times is too small, the effect of tool grinding may not be expected. If the number of times of grinding is increased. It may cause the wear of the tool to increase. Which will affect the long-term service life of the tool. 5. After finishing the reciprocating operation, remove the cutter, scrape the curled edge of the knife with a large amount of fine stone. And wipe the surface of the blade with a clean non-woven fabric to clearly understand the fine powder generated during the grinding process. There is a certain degree of danger, requiring the operator to have no distractions, otherwise, it is easy to get hurt. 6. Wipe the tool with anti-rust oil, then wrap it with oil paper and wrap it in a certain thickness to prevent it from being damaged by bumping during storage. At the same time, if the sharpener is suspended. The water stain on the knife holder must wipe clean, butter or oil should wipe on the moving parts to ensure its lubrication function and rust prevention measures. Oil is injected into the oil filling hole of the sharpener before.
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