Indexable Inserts / Blades Pcd Pcbn Inserts
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Indexable Inserts / Blades Pcd Pcbn Inserts


Most domestic diamond tool grinder design has the following two characteristics: one edge grinding PCBN and PCD cutter at the same time, as a whole natural diamond cutter; It is mainly used for grinding and welding the boring tool of super hard turning tool, and also give consideration to the cutter of disk type and shaft type. 

At present, with the rapid development of technology market, PCBN and PCD tool has been widely used.The market has put forward high requirements on grinding efficiency of PCD and PCBN tool grinding equipment, mainly expressed as follows. 

1. The grinding specific gravity of indexable blade is increased, the request equipment is specific, the structure is simple and rigid. With the deepening of the division of labor and cooperation, more than 80% of customers use this equipment to mass produce the same type of cutting tools, namely PCNB, PCD or alloy indexable blades, welding turning tools and so on. For a single need, the machine structure can be simplified, equipment rigidity to be greatly strengthened.This not only reduced the cost of equipment, but also laid a solid foundation for high efficiency production. 

2. The tool centering time requirement is greatly shortened.The arc of the blade is formed by the rotation of the working table, and the center of the arc of the tool is adjusted to coincide with the rotating axis of the working table (that is, the cutter action). 

3. The operation should be convenient and reliable, and manual skills should not be attached to the operator as far as possible. In order to grind natural diamond cutter, the traditional machine tool introduces "flexible feed" and "constant pressure grinding" technology, which can maintain the natural diamond cutter with strong brittleness. The traditional equipment adopts the method of cylinder feeding to achieve this result, which greatly reduces the grinding efficiency of PCD PCNB tool.In addition, because the machine manufacturing accuracy is insufficient, so that this machine tool is very unstable, need very strong manual skills to display their expertise. 

Demina company application of ancient high-tech technology, is committed to solving the problem of tool grinding key skills, the traditional bt-150a diamond tool grinder basically, developed BT-150J (electrical), BT-150H /BT-150M(economic) and BT-150D (intelligent) series of blade grinder, the basis to find out how to solve the above problems. 

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