How To Repair The Natural Diamond Forming Tool?
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How To Repair The Natural Diamond Forming Tool?


The natural diamond forming tool is mainly used to modify the shape of the NC cylindrical grinding wheel.

In the grinding wheel process of forming blade edge, according to the grinding ratio of 1.6 million mm: 1mm to calculate, generally, a natural diamond forming knife that meets the quality requirements of the grinding ratio can continuously trim the diameter of 600mm white corundum grinding wheel for more than 6 hours, and the cutting edge diamond will wear 1mm high.

The cutting edge wear of the above samples has been more than 1mm in height because the wear surface is too large (more than 2 square millimeters), the significance of repair is not big.

The company provides natural diamond cutter repair, it is to point to in the diamond wear surface, within 1 mm2 for ultra-precision CNC cylindrical grinder. The general recommendation grinding machine after the staff in grinding wheel dressing can be visual blade wear, such as wear surface lead to larger cannot keep grinding wheel finishing workpiece roughness requirements. Suggested to use the other end, exchange 180 degrees to wear can be returned after the repair, in order to save cost. The customer can use our BT-150N tool grinder for resharpening diamond tools.

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