How To Ensure The Efficiency Of CBN Tool Grinding Machine?
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How To Ensure The Efficiency Of CBN Tool Grinding Machine?


How to ensure the efficiency of CBN tool grinding machine

Today, as people become more and more individualized, the speed of product iterations is getting faster and faster. And the manufacturing links involved also require faster pace to meet the growing needs of people. In order to achieve these individual functions more quickly, in the manufacturing process: the tool company develops a more suitable tool structure and develops more advanced cutting materials. Demina develops a more efficient tool path. As the basis for manufacturing. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd, not only to continuously improve the accuracy and rigidity of the machine tool but also to develop a more humane operating system. Not only the precision and speed of manufacturing but also the individual product needs to be multi-functional. Due to the limitations of the actual manufacturing process, the designer has to combine multiple parts in a splicing manner, so that the goods can realize the multi-function while ensuring the quality. This is also the reason why the processing requirements are getting more and more strict. The tolerance of the individual parts will affect the quality of the components. The components bear the versatile task, and the slight deviation of the parts will cause some functions to be unable to be used normally. Parts are usually spliced ​​by means of threads, welds, etc. Since the threads can be adjusted, relatively high precision can be achieved, which is why threaded joints are becoming more widely used. In order to achieve a faster processing rhythm, in machine manufacturing. The DT, DM series CBN tool grinding machine center has the ability to move up to 61M/min at high speed, and the utility function of large-capacity tool magazine, and also realizes five-axis linkage. UMC series.

The maintenance methods for the grinding machine

The use of a plays a very important role in the manufacturing process. It may not have been seen or used before, but more or less it needs to understand its role. After all, tool grinder equipment use of the device provides convenience for our life. In order to ensure the better use of the device, it is of course very important for its daily maintenance. Because it can not only be used better but also can extend its service life more economically and environmentally friendly. Let us introduce the daily maintenance of the tool grinder. 1. When making corrections to the grinding wheel, you need to use paper or other methods to wrap the collet. Because it will be more convenient when processing, and then it is enough to expose the brick to repair the place where it is wrapped. We need to leave extra gaps to prevent the grinding wheel debris from entering the gap of the chuck. 2. Because the chuck needs to be clamped to the drill bit, it should not be used too much when clamping, so as not to cause damage, just need to gently lock it. 3. When performing routine maintenance on the bit tool grinder, it is necessary to pay attention to the inner hole of the mandrel to keep it bright so that it will not rust or affect the overall use. 4. It is also necessary to pay attention to the oiling problem. The skateboard must be refueled once a week because it requires oil in the operation of the machine. If it is not checked in time, other problems will occur. If it is used continuously, it will need to prevent the skateboard regularly. Open the dust cover and check if it is clean.  
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