How Much Do You Know About The Choice Of Aluminum Alloy Metal Products Processing Tools?
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How Much Do You Know About The Choice Of Aluminum Alloy Metal Products Processing Tools?


Understanding of aluminum alloy deep processing tool

How much do you know about the choice of aluminum alloy metal products processing tools? Below we talk about in detail for you. I hope to be helpful for you to process aluminum alloy metal products! Silicon has a corrosive effect on aluminum alloy metal products, so it is generally recommended to use diamond tools. Aluminum alloys with a silicon content of between 8% and 12% are a transition zone and can use with either regular hard alloys or diamond cutters. However, the use of cemented carbide should be by the PVD(physical coating) method. Which does not contain aluminum, the film thickness of the smaller tool. Because the superhard coating is mostly composed of aluminum, nitrogen, and titanium. It may be caused by a small amount of spalling along with the spalling of the cemented carbide substrate.

Selection of aluminum alloy deep processing tool

One of the following three types of knives is recommended: No coating of ultra-fine particle carbide cutter. Carbide cutter with no aluminum coating (PVD) method. Use diamond tools. The chip space of the cutter should be large, 2 teeth are generally recommended. The front Angle and the back Angle should large (such as 12°-14°, including the back Angle of the end tooth). If only the general milling surface, can use a 45° main Angle of the indexable surface milling cutter. With a special processing aluminum alloy blade, it should be better.
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