High-performance CNC Grinding Machine
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High-performance CNC Grinding Machine


The CNC grinding machine industry has continued to be hot mainly because the grinding machine itself has achieved high-precision. High-performance, high-efficiency, and flexibility in addition to its diverse and highly targeted categories. Because of the variety of CNC grinding machines, it can effectively meet the needs of processing technology. Similar to CNC grinding machines, it can be customized according to customer requirements. But, after all, it is machine tool equipment, which can not be too small. So as to avoid unnecessary waste of resources after replacing the processing objects later.

High-performance CNC grinding machine

The CNC grinding machine produced by Demina is mainly used in the grinding of the 'two grooves and one hole' of the ball bearing. That is the inner diameter of the bearing inner wheel, the inner wheel groove, and the outer soft groove. Due to the single processing, the single-axis single servo drive is adopted. Simple structure and convenient operation, its numerical control system (CNC) consist of a numerical control program. Input/output device, computer numerical control device, the programmable controller (PLC). Spindle variable frequency drive device, feed drive (AC servo) device, and active detection device. composition. CNC grinding machines can achieve high precision, high quality and high efficiency grinding under computer control. It can save a lot of special process equipment than special grinding machine processing. Has strong flexibility manufacturing capability and obtains good economic benefits. Compared with the ordinary grinding machine, it can eliminate many artificial interference factors in the long process of complex processing. And the precision and interchangeability of the processed parts are good, and the processing efficiency is high.

The mechanical structure should meet the following conditions

The automatic tool setting device of CNC grinding machine nut grinder should meet the following conditions in mechanical structure: 1 When the probe is extended, it is consistent with the center of the grinding wheel in the longitudinal and height directions of the machine. 2 When the probe is returned, it should be lower than the end face of the grinding wheel. 3 The distance between the probe and the center of the grinding wheel in the transverse direction of the machine tool should be greater than the maximum outer diameter of the nut that the machine can process. 4 The repeat positioning accuracy of the position where the probe is extended is ≤0.002mm. is a hot-selling product of Demina. The company has also obtained more technical information about CNC grinding machines with years of market experience. If you want to know more about CNC grinding machines, you are welcome to come to know!
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