Grinding Failure Solution Of PP-50 Universal Tool Grinder
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Grinding Failure Solution Of PP-50 Universal Tool Grinder


Development of PP-50 universal tool grinder

From the current trend of tool grinding technology and equipment development. PP-50 universal tool grinder is developing rapidly in terms of electrification, electronics, high speed, and precision, and all performances are faced with a series of reforms and developments. Efficiency and quality are the key performance indicators of advanced manufacturing technology and the mainstay of advanced manufacturing technology for tool grinding machines. The use of high-speed CPU chips can greatly improve efficiency and improve product quality and grade. adopts a new generation modular design, which has wider function coverage and higher reliability to meet the needs of different users. The same group control system can automatically adjust the information flow dynamically according to different production processes. And play the function of the group control system. Universal end mill multi-axis linkage machining, parts can automatically change. Rotated spindle head, rotary table, etc.. After one clamping on a CNC machine tool, complete multi-process, multi-surface composite processing. Not only high finish and efficiency have also increased significantly. Not only that, tool grinding machines with development and technology improvement. Now users can also carry out secondary development of CNC system software according to their own needs. The user's scope of use is no longer restricted by the manufacturer.

Grinding failure solution OF PP-50 universal tool grinder

The role of the Universal tool grinder is mainly for the grinding of some metal tools such as turning tools, engraving knives, cutting plotters, etc. As a sophisticated instrument, the tool grinding machine rarely fails. But sometimes the PP-50 universal tool grinder is used. Plastic deformation, wear, fatigue and hot and cold fatigue, fracture and cracking, corrosion, etc. are encountered in the process, and these problems are mainly caused by the failure of tool grinding. In order to ensure the smooth production, the grinding of the universal tool grinding machine is in urgent need of a solution. Then Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd is a professional PP-50 universal tool grinder manufacturer. Next, we will teach you some universal tool for grinding machines. Let's learn about the countermeasures of cutting the failure! In response to the failure of the grinding of the universal tool grinding machine. The first is to rationally select the grinding amount and improve the speed of the workpiece and the universal tool grinding wheel, which can greatly reduce the occurrence of cutting heat. Secondly, it is reasonable to choose the model of the universal tool grinder and the dressing wheel. It is recommended to use the white corundum grinding wheel because it is hard and brittle and easy to produce new cutting edges. In addition, the hardness of the grinding wheel is medium soft and soft. That is, the grinding wheel with coarse grain size and low hardness. Because the self-excitation is good, the cutting head can greatly reduce. In addition, the quenching stress after heat treatment is reduced to a minimum. So that the grinding heat of the universal tool grinder is within the allowable range. Thus preventing the workpiece from being thermally deformed and avoiding the failure of the universal tool grinder grinding after prolonged use. In short, in the grinding operation of the tool resharpening machine. The grinding process should pay full attention to, and the operator should minimize the grinding microcracks and residual stresses. Only in this way can the service life of the grinding wheel greatly reduce, thus avoiding the root cause. The phenomenon of tool grinding failure.

Grinding step of PP-50 universal tool grinder

PP-50 universal tool grinder as a grinding machine, its most important function is grinding, and the main part of the tool grinding machine is the grinding wheel. The right grinding wheel can use to grind the sharp knife. Let's take a look at the steps of sharpening the turning of the tool grinder. The first step is the tool grinding machine. The first step is to grind the main flank and grind the main declination and the main relief. Then, the tool grinder is operated to grind the flank face, and the secondary declination and the sub-back angle are ground. Then grind the front, grind the front corner and grind the knives and tips. Secondly, the posture and method of the tool grinder sharpening knife generally require the operator to stand on the side of the grinder to prevent the debris from flying out and hurting when the grinding wheel breaks. In addition, the distance between the operator holding the knife should release, and the elbows are clamped to the waist to reduce the jitter during sharpening. Now Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd . Our products are not only produced in China but now also the export PP-50 universal tool grinder, welcome users who need to come to visit and consult.
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