Dressing Principle Of Diamond Grinding Wheel Dresser
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Dressing Principle Of Diamond Grinding Wheel Dresser


The dressing method of the diamond grinding wheel dresser is an important factor affecting the grinding performance of the grinding wheel. The reasonable selection of dressing method will directly affect the surface quality and grinding precision of the workpiece. At present, the commonly used dressing methods of diamond grinding wheel dressing machines include on-line electrolytic dressing, EDM grinding wheel dressing, cup grinding wheel dressing, electrochemical-mechanical compound dressing, and laser dressing. Since the dressing method of the cup wheel is simpler and easier to implement than other dressing methods, GC cup wheel dressing technology is adopted in this paper for the automatic dressing of diamond wheel dresser.

The dressing of the superhard abrasive wheel of the diamond grinding wheel is usually divided into two stages: shaping and sharpening. The purpose of shaping is to remove the shape error and surface defect of the grinding wheel after initial installation and to ensure the geometric shape precision of the grinding wheel. Sharpening is due to the passivation of the grinding wheel after working for a period of time. In order to make the cutting edge protruding the binder and having an appropriate height, sufficient chip tolerance space should be formed between the grinding grains, and the effective number of grinding grains per unit area should be as large as possible.

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