Dressing Of Grinding Wheel
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Dressing Of Grinding Wheel


Grinding Wheel Dressing

Demina PCBN tool grinding machine has dressing equipment of grinding wheel.

Dressing of grinding wheel is essential in the grinding process. The dressing can keep the grinding wheel in good processing state and ensure the processing efficiency and quality. The smoother the grinding wheel dressing is, the smaller the roughness value of the processed surface will be. To obtain a very low roughness value for grinding surface, the grinding wheel must be finely trimmed. In addition, in the process of tool grinding, the grinding wheel working surface will be blocked by debris. At this time, if continued to use, due to the diamond exposed part of the smaller, grinding capacity, grinding pressure, will increase the vibration of the machine, affecting the quality of processing. At the same time, the increase of friction, heat, will be likely to burn the PCD blade. In order to avoid the above situation and ensure the processing efficiency and quality, it is necessary to trim the grinding wheel in the grinding process.

PCD Tool Clamping And Adjustment

First of all, the rotary center of the cross table and the center of the optical projector to adjust overlap, and then according to the drawing requirements, the PCD tool installed through the cross table to adjust to the optical projector reference line, the position is the edge grinding position. In order to ensure the accuracy of PCD tools, all the cutting size should be completed in a single clamping, if the repair of PCD tools, be sure to cut all the wear.

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