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Diamond Grinding Machine For Sale


When precision diamond tools are performing grinding work, the grinding method is basically rough and fine grinding. The grinding machine is equipped with a high-speed rotating cast iron grinding disc, plus diamond powder to grind diamond tools. During fine grinding, the grinding disc is required to rotate smoothly, have no vibration. And the end beat is small in order to make the cutting edge reach extremely sharp without defects.

Structure Of Diamond Grinding Machine

At present, the widely used precision diamond tool grinder is very simple in structure. The cast iron grinding disc is mounted on a shaft with a precise anti-center at both ends. The center seat is made of hardwood (mahogany or pear wood) so that it can automatically adapt to the center of the grinding disc shaft and achieve a high degree of rotation sugar. The shaft of the grinding disc is driven by a soft silk flat belt to rotate, so as to reduce vibration and make the grinding disc rotate smoothly. The grinding disc is made of high quality cast iron. The surface is required to be smooth. No sand holes or other defects are allowed. Generally, the diameter of the grinding disc of Tricholoma grinds is 300mm. And the grinding disc is mounted on the shaft at a speed of 2000-3000/min. After the grinding disc is mounted on the shaft, it is necessary to balance the fine mountains with the shaft to ensure the stability and no vibration during rotation.

A certain load is added on the grinding disc, and diamond powder is added to the diamond for grinding processing. The surface of the grinding disc should be regularly trimmed to remove scratches left on the surface during grinding.

The grinding machine can ensure the minimum run-out error of the grinding disc is 1-3mm, which can meet the requirements of the general precision diamond tool grinding. Due to the rapid development of ultra-precision turning technology for the requirement of increasing the diamond tool. Now requires precision diamond tool cutting edge blunt round radius r is 0.01 ~ 0.05 m or less. The original diamond tool grinding machine can not meet the requirements of the new air bearing grinding machine that has been made into use. It can guarantee the end of the grinding disc is below 0.5 nm, the diamond tool manufacturing technology and improve the step.

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