Diamond And CBN Abrasive Particle Size Control
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Diamond And CBN Abrasive Particle Size Control


Particle size is directly related to grinding quality, especially surface roughness. For the same kind of abrasive particle size, the sharper the processing efficiency is higher, the more rounded the surface quality is better (the surface roughness value is smaller).In general, round particles are stronger than sharp particles. The strength of the abrasive is related to the densification of its crystal structure, that is, the ability to withstand the applied pressure without being broken when the edge of the abrasive is still quite sharp. The poor strength of the abrasive, its abrasive particle crushing fast, low cutting ability, short service life. In order to get better grinding, it is required that the abrasive particles should have sufficient strength.

Mesh refers to the number of holes in the screen per square inch, 50 mesh refers to the number of holes per square inch, 500 mesh is 500. The higher the mesh number, the more holes, and the smaller the particle size of the abrasive, the finer the particle size. The strainer divides the grinding particles into different sizes. Thirty-six screens per square inch are divided into 36□36 small squares, and eighty screens per square inch are divided into 80□80 small squares.

The abrasive size selection is related to the properties of the workpiece and the grinding process parameters, especially the roughness of the surface of the workpiece after grinding, the feed rate, and the maximum single-tool cutting depth.

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