Demina Successfully Developed The BT-150HG PCD Tool Grinder
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Demina Successfully Developed The BT-150HG PCD Tool Grinder


Grinding as a final finishing process, a large part depends on the experience and skills of skilled workers. But with the retirement of the technical workers of Japan’s “general generation”, Skilled workers are steadily declining. So the need for high-level processing equipment that does not rely on operating technology is increasing.

Production of BT-150HG PCD tool grinder

With the increasing demand in the market, Demina has developed the BT-150HG PCD tool grinder with stable machining accuracy regardless of who can operate the machine with high-level machining. As a leading manufacturer in the field of grinding machines, with years of accumulated thermal displacement correction technology and control technology. Even highly qualified workers can achieve high-precision machining operations comparable to skilled workers. In addition, in order to respond to the needs of a wider range of users, Demina has expanded the following three models in the product line. 1.PCD universal edge grinder: stable grinding accuracy; 2.: play the professional specifications of artisan technology; 3.PCD tool analyzer: A high power specification that enables high efficiency grinding. As a leading manufacturer of grinding machines, we will continue to use high-value-added technological innovations such as “high precision”, “high productivity”, “high reliability” and “usability” in developing countries using advanced Japanese manufacturing technology.

Features of BT-150HG PCD tool grinder

1. Stable grinding accuracy Precision BT-150HG PCD tool grinder reduces the influence of heat on the machine bed and reduces thermal displacement due to room temperature changes. Machining heat, and mechanical heating of the motor and pump. The shape of the bed and the distribution of the ribs have been improved, and the heat generation of the machine body is suppressed by blocking heat transfer inside the machine tool, suppressing thermal expansion, and balancing heat capacity. An insulating cover is used on the path of the cutting fluid to form an air layer with the bed, which reduces the thermal influence of the cutting fluid on the bed. Equipped with an air-cooled grinding wheel bearing oil fan to reduce the rise in bearing oil temperature. On the grinding wheel table and the work table, a floating plate that absorbs the vibration of the ball screw is assembled. And the vibration of the lead screw is absorbed without increasing the rigidity in the feeding direction to improve the straightness and the processing surface characteristics. Moreover, in order to allow the customer to use it for a long time, the "scraping" process is performed by the skilled technician on the grinding wheel table and the table guide surface, so that the wear of the sliding surface by the feed friction can suppress. 2. Easier operation - improved PCD performance It is equipped with the latest PCD device independently developed by Demina. Compared with the previous models, the calculation speed is increased 5 times, the communication speed is increased 10 times, and the non-machining time is shortened. By digitizing the grinding conditions that were previously set by the skilled technician's feelings and experience, the rigidity of the workpiece can automatically be determined by simply inputting the length and diameter of the workpiece. And the most suitable grinding conditions are automatically determined. The iconic representation of the operation buttons is convenient for use by users around the world. 3. Safe, assured, convenient operation The use of a closed protective cover not only improves safety but also prevents the environmental impact of grinding dust and dust dispersion. Taking into account the proximity to the workpiece, by expanding the opening of the front door of the machine, the operator can work in a more relaxed position. It is equipped with the function of removing the grinding wheel from the workpiece when the power failure is detected. Preventing the grinding wheel and the workpiece from being damaged. 4. PCD tool analyzer: play professional specifications of artisan technology In order to satisfy the desire of skilled workers to perform the same handwheel operation as a hydraulic machine on a PCD machine. A "professional handwheel" that reproduces the feel of a hydraulic machine is standard. The configuration of the operation buttons and the weight of the handwheel can customize according to the requirements of the customer. There is enough space between the handwheel that operates the X-axis and the handwheel that operates the Z-axis to allow the worker's foot to step in and improve the accessibility to the workpiece. When operating manually, there is a PCD display screen that is unique to manual operation. 5. PCD universal edge grinder: high power specifications for high-efficiency grinding In order to meet the customer's expectation that high-load grinding such as super-hard material roughing can also carry out on compact equipment. We have high-power grinding wheel shaft +5.5kw small high-performance on . Rate motor. The grinding wheel shaft is 1.7 times more rigid than tool analyzer and the motor's power is increased by 1.5 times. By providing lubricating oil to the roller screw and bearing, it prevents damage to the roller screw and bearing caused by fine cutting powder such as super-hard material and ceramic. Improve the life of the machine. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery CO., LTD a professional tool grinding machine manufacturer. All our equipment is factory-direct production, welcome to come to consult BT-150HG PCD tool grinder price.
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