Demina PCD Tool Resharpening Machine
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Demina PCD Tool Resharpening Machine


When cutting, the cutter’s front face and chip, the back face, and the workpiece often squeeze and friction each other, producing a high temperature. Therefore, wear occurs on the front and rear knife surfaces of the tool. The front knife surfaces wear and form crescent depresses, while the rear knife surfaces wear and form wear belts. Usually, the front and rear knife surfaces wear at the same time and affect each other. In cutting, under the condition of high pressure, high temperature, and intense friction, the cutting edge gradually becomes blunt and loses its normal cutting ability.

There Are Two Types Of Tool Wear

Normal wear: When the tool is designed, manufactured, and used properly, it gradually wears away during cutting.

Abnormal wear: breakage (crack, broken edge, broken edge, etc.), winding edge (plastic deformation of the blade).

About the  wear situation:

1. Initial wear stage

The slope of the wear curve is high at this stage, which means that the tool wears away quickly.

2. Normal wear stage

After initial wear, a narrow edge surface is formed on the back of the tool, reducing the pressure. At the same time, the surface of the tool has been polished, the increase of wear slows down and stabilizes, and the tool enters the normal wear stage. 

3. Rapid wear stage

After the normal wear of the tool, the cutting edge becomes obtuse, which leads to the rapid increase of cutting force and cutting temperature. At this time into the rapid wear phase, this phase of the wear curve slope is very large, the performance of the tool wear speed is very fast. 

 Should be in sharp wear phase before sharpening or changing the knife, so that both reasonable use of the tool, and ensure the quality of processing.

PCD tools are reusable. Demina company has produced the PCD tool resharpening machine. It can help the customer to reduce the cost of cutting tools. They can buy a PCD tool resharpening machine in their own company, which can repair the wear PCD tools with high efficiency.

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