Cubic Boron Carbide Cutting Tool
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Cubic Boron Carbide Cutting Tool


Cubic boron carbide cutting tool

When cutting materials with HRC55 ~ 65 hardness, the cutting speed of the cubic boron nitride tool should be 50 ~ 120m/min.During milling, Vc=100 ~ 160m/min, feed per minute Vf=70 ~ 160mm/min.Vc= 60 ~ 130m/min, ap=0.1 ~ 0.2mm, f=0.07 ~ 0.2mm/r. The hardness of the workpiece is higher than 45HRC, and the effect is the best. The higher the hardness of the workpiece is, the cutting line speed should the lower. For example, if the hardness of the workpiece to be ground is 70HRC, the cutting speed should be 60-80m / min. When the cutting depth of the fine turning is 0.1 ~ 0.3mm, the feed amount is 0.05 ~ 0.025mm / r, the surface roughness of the workpiece after finishing turning is Ra0.3 ~ 0.6m, and the dimensional accuracy can reach 0.013mm. Therefore, the user must choose according to the actual situation when carrying out the grinding work, so as to achieve a better grinding effect.

If a standard CNC lathe with good rigidity process the machine, good rigidity of the cutting tool and sharp edge, the surface roughness of the workpiece after finishing can reach ra0.3m, the dimensional accuracy can reach 0.01mm, which can reach the level of machining with CNC grinder. Secondary deflection Angle: according to the choice of surface finish, the deflection Angle is smaller when high. The radius of the tooltip: general carbide turning tool r=0.5-2mm, a small value for rough turning.

Beijing Demina company is a professional tool manufacturer and manufacturer and is now producing the for cubic boron carbide cutting tools. This tool sharpening machine is a new type of sharpening equipment developed by our technicians, with reliable performance and good grinding effect. In addition, our company also developed grinding software, which can set various grinding parameters, improve grinding efficiency, and save a lot of labor costs. Users in need are welcome to visit the test machine.

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