Common Problems With PCBN Blades
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Common Problems With PCBN Blades


PCBN tool is an artificial cubic boron nitride tool, which can still maintain high hardness characteristics at high temperatures. In the current grinding work, PCBN tools are mainly used for machining iron parts. PCBN tools have high hardness, chemical inertia, and thermal stability at high temperatures, so PCBN abrasive wheels are widely used in grinding processes. Although PCBN tools are widely used now, we still need to pay attention to some problems in the process of using them.

Common Problems With PCBN Blades

1. Is cutting fluid added when the PCBN blade processes the workpiece?

Generally do not add cutting fluid, especially the integral PCBN blade, if you must add cutting fluid under the circumstances can contact the tool engineer to communicate to choose the appropriate cutting fluid.

2. Are PCBN blades expensive? How much is one tablet?

PCBN blade price is certainly higher than the carbide tool, different specifications of the price are different, the specific price needs to call the tool company to consult.

3. How many workpieces can be processed by one cutting edge of the PCBN blade?

PCBN blade does not have a clear life value, due to the size of the workpiece to be processed, precision, finish, etc. Its life is different, specific needs to communicate with the company’s tool engineers, so as to obtain a general range.

4. Can the PCBN blade be resharpened?

It can be reground, but the ordinary grinding wheel cannot be ground, so we need to buy a diamond grinding wheel for grinding.

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