Classification Of PCD Tools
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Classification Of PCD Tools


Classification Of PCD Tools

1. PCD tools for metal cutting
PCD cutting tools for metal cutting are mainly divided into wild-type PCD cutting tools and indexable PCD cutting blades. In recent years, welded PCD tools with handles have developed rapidly in the automobile and parts industry. There are mainly PCD milling cutter, PCD boring cutter, PCD reamer or above two or even more than three kinds of tool combination PCD cutter, tool handle form mainly for the cylinder handle, BT handle (BT40 and BT50), SK handle (SK40 and SKS0), HSK handles (HSK63 and HSK100), etc.

2. PCD tools for wood processing
PCD tools are also widely used in the wood processing industry.PCD woodworking cutter can be divided into PCD saw blade and PCD forming woodworking cutter.

PCD tool processing scope has been extended from the traditional metal cutting processing to stone processing, wood processing, metal matrix composite materials, glass, engineering ceramics, and other materials processing. Through the analysis of the PCD tool application in recent years, it can be seen that the PCD tool is mainly used in the following two aspects.
1. Difficult to process non-ferrous metal material processing: with ordinary tool processing difficult to process non-ferrous metal material, often produce tool easy to wear, low processing efficiency defects, and PCD tool can show good processing performance. For example, a new type of engine piston material, super eutectic silicon, and aluminum alloy, can be processed effectively with the PCD tool (a breakthrough has been made in the research on the machining mechanism of this material).

2. Difficult to process non-metallic materials processing: PCD tool is very suitable for stone, hard carbon, carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), artificial plate, and other difficult to process non-metallic materials processing. Such as Hua Zhong university of science and technology in 1990 to achieve the PCD tool processing glass. Laminate flooring and other wood-based plates (such as MDF) are being used more and more widely. PCD tools can be used to process these materials to avoid defects such as tool wear.

Demina is a professional PCD tool grinding machine in China. It requests very little manual skill and can grind PCD, PCBN and CVD insert. The equipment not only has good performance but also has high grinding efficiency. Users who are in need are welcome to purchase.

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