Characteristics Of Ultra-hard Tool Grinding Machine Structure
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Characteristics Of Ultra-hard Tool Grinding Machine Structure


Diamond tool grinder is used for manufacturing and grinding tools of PCD, PCBN, CVD, and other ultra-hard materials. These ultra-hard materials have high hardness (for example, the hardness of PCD is HV6000) and high brittleness. Therefore, it has special technical requirements for grinding.

The grinding wheel swings back and forth

In order to achieve the swing of grinding wheel, there are generally two ways: crankshaft connecting rod mechanism and ball screw driven by the CNC program. The former is through the mechanical structure so that the rotation of the motor transforms into the reciprocating oscillation of the grinding wheel; The latter is controlled by the program.

Online tool setting device

Grinding to remove the material on the ultra-hard tool not only consumes time but also precious diamond grinding wheel. It is a high-cost work. In order to reduce the grinding margin as much as possible, this kind of machines is installed online tool setting device. Setting tool before starting grinding, that is, regarding the standard line on the microscope as a benchmark, adjusting the cross table to make it compared with the blade, That makes the grinding margin to a minimum.

Heavy load guide rail

Super hard tool grinder known as "strong grinding", refers to the whole grinding device (machine tool, grinding wheel and tool three parts) bear a lot of force when grinding,.This requires that the machine tool has a great bearing capacity. structure of bt150j
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