Characteristics Of Cemented Carbide Materials
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Characteristics Of Cemented Carbide Materials


Cemented carbide is an alloy material made of a hard compound of refractory metal and binding metal by the powder metallurgy process.

The hard alloy has high hardness, good wear resistance, strength and toughness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and a series of excellent properties, especially its high hardness and wear resistance, even it is basically unchanged even at very high temperatures.

Hard alloy is widely used as cutting tool material, such as turning tool, milling tool, planer tool, drill bit, boring tool, etc., used for cutting cast iron, non-ferrous metal, plastic, chemical fiber, graphite, glass, stone, and ordinary steel, but also can be used for cutting heat resistant steel, stainless steel, high manganese steel, tool steel and other difficult to process materials.

High hardness (86 ~ 93HRA, equivalent to 69 ~ 81HRC).

Good heat and hardness (up to 900 ~ 1000℃, maintain 60HRC).

Good wear resistance.

Carbide cutting tools have 4 ~ 7 times higher cutting speed and 5 ~ 80 times longer tool life than HSS. Manufacture die, measuring tool, life is 20 ~ 150 times longer than alloy tool steel. It can cut about 50HRC hard material.

But the hard alloy is too brittle to be machined, so it is difficult to make the complex shape of the whole tool, so it is often made into different shapes of the blade, using welding, bonding, mechanical clamping and other methods installed in the tool body or die specific use.

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