Carbide Rod Introduction
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Carbide Rod Introduction


Carbide Rod Introduction

Carbide bar is characterized by stable mechanical properties, easy welding, high wear resistance, and high impact resistance.

Advantages: 1. Good wear resistance; 2. Good corrosion resistance;3. High toughness;4. Extrusion and HIP sintering.

Application: carbide rod is mainly used for drill, end milling cutter, and reamer. It can also be used for cutting, stamping, and measuring tools. It is used in papermaking, packaging, printing, nonferrous metal processing industries. In addition, it is widely used for machining high-speed steel cutting tools, carbide milling cutter, carbide cutting tools, cutting tools of NAS, air tools, carbide drill, milling cutter core bit, high-speed steel, tapered milling cutter, the metric system of milling cutter, the micro end milling cutter, hinge, electronic tools, ladder drill, metal cutting saw, double margin drill, a gun, Angle cutter, tungsten carbide rotary file, etc.

Cemented carbide rods can be used not only for cutting and drilling tools (e.g., micron, Twisted, and vertical mining tool targets), but also as input pins, various roller wear parts, and structural materials. In addition, it can be widely used in many fields, such as machinery, chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, electronics, and defense industry.

Demina tool grinding machine can grind carbide inserts with high quality. Welcome to visit our factory for more details.

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