Basic Requirements For BT-150E Cutter And Tool Grinding Machine
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Basic Requirements For BT-150E Cutter And Tool Grinding Machine


BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine Grinding cylindrical steel parts into a precision concentric grinder with the grinding wheel as the center and the grinding wheel. The cylindrical grinding machine structure consists of the bed, the front, the rear, the grinding head. It is composed of components such as a transmission dust collector. The front part of the head, the angle of the grinding head, the special fixture for grinding the thimble and the chamfering of the top roller, the dynamic balance frame and the three parts of the top roller detector.

Basic requirements for BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine

To achieve precision grinding, the tool grinder used should meet the following basic requirements: 1. High geometric accuracy, precision tool grinding machine should have high geometric precision. Mainly the rotation precision of the grinding wheel spindle and the straightness of the guide rail to ensure the geometric accuracy of the workpiece. The main shaft bearing can adopt liquid static bearing. Short three-piece tile or long three-block oil film bearing, integral oil wedge type dynamic bearing and dynamic and static pressure combined bearing. At present, there are more dynamics and dynamics. The radial circular runout of the main shaft should generally less than 1um, and the axial circular runout should limit to 2-3um. 2. reduce vibration. If vibration occurs during precision grinding, it will have serious adverse effects on processing quality. Therefore, for precision grinding machines, structural considerations should take to reduce vibration. 3. The stability of the low-speed feed movement. Because the dressing lead of the grinding wheel requires 10-15mm/min, the table must feed at a low speed. Requiring no creep and no impact and stable operation.

Features of BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine

1. The tool spindle grinding wheel spindle bearing adopts the tapered forming oil wedge dynamic bearing, and the grinding wheel spindle still has high bearing rigidity at low speed. 2. The guide rail of the wheel frame adopts the cross-roller just guide rail. And the semi-automatic feed mechanism is realized by the rotary oil cylinder. 3. The tailstock shafting has the characteristics of no gap stiffness. And the electrical box and the hydraulic box cooling box are separated from the machine tool. 4. Rich grinding indicator and coolant filter. 5. The head frame speed has the AC variable frequency stepless speed regulation. 6. Electrical use programmable controller, with self-diagnosis function, maintenance is very convenient. 7. BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine CNC end face cylindrical grinding machine can equip with an automatic measuring instrument.
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