Attentions For CNC Tool Installation
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Attentions For CNC Tool Installation


For CNC tools, if the tools are not installed correctly, problems such as tool collapse, workpiece damage and even machine damage are likely to occur. It has a very bad impact on users’ use.

For cutting knives, when the cutting tool is installed, if the cutting edge that is not installed or not perpendicular to the workpiece is higher than the center of the workpiece axis, the tool life and the cutting effect will have a great impact. If a serious problem occurs, there may even be a broken tool failure, so in order to ensure the cutting effect of the tool, the user should follow the basic installation principles.

Matters Needing Attention For CNC Tool Installation

1. The locking part should be clean and clean. Meanwhile, the cutting tool should be installed on the hexagonal brick tower.

2. By checking the generated chip to determine whether the tool is installed vertically if the waste chip cut out of a long filament flow to one side, then the installation of the tool is a problem. If the rounded corners of the cutter are worn ahead of time, it is a sign that the blade is installed incorrectly and that one side of the blade is under more pressure than the other.

3. Because of the vulnerability of the tool itself, so a slight tool collision will cause tool deviation. So after installation, always check the cutting conditions of the tool, help to identify and prevent tool failure.

4. If the blade is installed incorrectly, it will cause a series of problems, such as fast tool wear, tool failure, poor cutting performance, etc. Because of the difficulty in ascertaining the actual condition of the cutting edges, these problems will continue to worsen, as they sometimes do on older machines.

5. If the blade is installed slightly above the center, the tangential force during cutting will act on a larger blade area. In this way, the tool strength will be increased so that the blade can be firmly fixed in the groove.

6. When the installation position of the blade is below the centerline, the most serious consequence is to pull the blade out. If this situation does not stop in time, it will cause the tool holder to be damaged during the processing and may damage the machine tool and the workpiece at the same time. Even if fortunately the blade is not pulled out of the blade holder, the burr rotating on the top of the blade will cause damage to the tool.

7. When performing cutting operations, ensure that the cutting edge is installed at a slightly higher position than the center. For those who use high-speed steel cutters, their experience is that these props are better than the center height. But with the development of technology, the development of lower than the center height will make the cutting operation more difficult.

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