About Tool Passivation
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About Tool Passivation


What is tool passivation?

Improve tool quality and prolong tool life by deburring, leveling, and polishing the tool. The name of a process before coating after finishing grinding of a tool is not uniform at home and abroad, such as “blade passivation”, “blade strengthening”, “blade honing”, “blade preparation” or “ER (Edge Radiusing) treatment”, etc.

Why do we need tool passivation?

After grinding the cutting edge of the ordinary grinding wheel or diamond grinding wheel, there are different degrees of micro-notch (i.e. micro-chipped edge and saw mouth).In the cutting process, the micro-notch of the cutting tool is easy to expand and accelerate the wear and damage of the tool.

Modern high-speed cutting and automatic machine tools have put forward higher requirements for tool performance and stability. In particular, the coated tool must be passivated before being coated, so as to ensure the fastness and service life of the coating.

Purpose of tool passivation

The purpose of the blade passivation technology is to solve the defects of the micro gap of the blade after the blade is sharpened so that the edge value can be reduced or eliminated to achieve the purpose of smooth and smooth, sharp, and strong and durable.

Main effects of tool passivation

Cutting edge rounding: to remove burrs and achieve accurate and consistent rounding.

Cutting edge burr will cause tool wear, and the surface of the processed workpiece will also become rough. After passivation, the cutting edge will become very smooth, greatly reducing the breaking edge, and the surface finish of the workpiece will also improve.

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