About PCD Processing
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About PCD Processing


PCD is hard, very hard. This makes the indexable blade with welded PCD tips extremely resistant to wear. Therefore, it is often used to process carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP).PCD is very hard, and the complex process of grinding and welding an indexable blade with A PCD tip to the final contour is reflected in the following two aspects: First, the grinding process takes a long time, because diamonds are processed with diamonds.

Second, processing costs are very high for the same reason. A few years ago, a completely new method of processing appeared on the market, using ultra-high frequency pulsed picosecond laser to process the workpiece to its final shape. With this laser treatment, the material is removed, leaving behind no thermal damage. Undeniably, it is very promising to process the high-precision blade in this way. But its processing process is very slow and complex, still inferior to the traditional grinding processing, especially for the cemented carbide processing.

PCD tooltips are welded to the carbide substrate and processed, which is completely dependent on the customer’s own processing technology. If the PCD blank has been etched to facilitate the separation of independent PCD tooltips blank. The machining allowance is approximately 200 m as the surface is structurally modified to meet the etching depth requirements. The more work the laser machine does to replace the grinding machine, the less time and abrasive the grinding machine needs to process the carbide substrate and PCD tooltip to the final size.

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