5-axis CNC Tool Grinder
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5-axis CNC Tool Grinder


In the specific type of grinding machine, the following will be related to the grinding machine of the CNC grinding machine, and for us all, the grinding machine is also grinding machine equipment that our company focuses on, so we must have a comprehensive understanding. And understand. Next, Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd will explain to you the technical guidance of the 5 axis CNC tool grinder.

Technical guidance of 5 axis CNC tool grinder

1. Purchase instructions of CNC tool grinder 5 axis CNC tool grinder this type of grinding machine is known for its purchase. It is: all relevant factors should be taken into account. Including detailed product parameters, performance indicators, origin, price, quality, manufacturer. And the seven necessary considerations of after-sales service are indispensable. Moreover, in order to comprehensively consider these factors, we can accurately judge and correctly select the results and then select the right products. 2. The difference between 5 axis CNC tool grinder and ordinary grinding machine The 5-axis CNC tool grinding machine uses a numerical control system to realize the control and uses a servo drive instead of the cylinder drive of the ordinary grinding machine. Moreover, through the servo system to achieve linkage control and with the online measuring instrument, and linear grating to achieve the overall closed-loop control. The ordinary grinding machine is driven by a hydraulic cylinder, which is driven by a two-axis outer cylindrical grinding machine. And controls the feeding of the grinding wheel frame and the working table by two oil cylinders respectively, and manually controls the grinding machine through the change of the dial. In processing measurement, It is also manually controlled using a measuring instrument. Therefore, in summary, the two types of grinding machines are very different, they can not be equal. Therefore, there is no error in its selection and use, so as to avoid problems or unnecessary troubles. 3. Comparison of CNC tool grinding machine and CNC tool grinding machine CNC tool grinding machines and tool grinding machines, both of which are specific types of CNC grinding machines. However, if they are compared, there are some differences, namely: Difference 1: The degree of freedom of the working part of the equipment is different, and the degree of freedom of the CNC tool grinding machine is more. Difference 2: The machining range is different. CNC peripheral grinding machines are used to grind workpieces with a certain angle, such as grinding the edge angle of complex contours, while CNC tool grinding machines can also change the angle for grinding. Difference 3: In the scope of application, the applicable range of CNC tool grinding machines is wider than that of CNC peripheral grinding machines. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd specializing in the production of various CNC tool grinding machines and tool grinding machines, our grinding machines have good performance and reliable quality. Welcome to buy.        
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