4-axis CNC Tool Grinder Machine Becomes The Focus Of Future Development
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4-axis CNC Tool Grinder Machine Becomes The Focus Of Future Development


Current status of tool grinding machines

At present, the state attaches great importance to the development of the tool grinding machine industry. The National Science and Technology Major Project “High-end Tool Grinder and Basic Manufacturing Equipment” was put into operation in 2018. This has undoubtedly played a very positive role in promoting technological innovation of enterprises in the industry. However, in the specific implementation process, there is also the need for further improvement. So that relatively limited resources can play a greater role. The first is to select not only the output value, capacity and volume of the enterprise. But also the nature of the enterprise as the basis for the choice but should consider the market position, influence and advancement of the enterprise product. The uniqueness and originality of technology, the future market development space, and other factors. In order to achieve a greater play of the role of resources invested. Big is not necessarily strong, or even vice versa. This is evident in the current domestic tool grinding industry. The second is that, given the complexity of machine tool products, the desire to "get the best in one battle" is unrealistic. Then, the centralized resources are selective to give effective breakthroughs to some key technical problems in the industry. Which may play the role of “doing more with less” and driving other technical problems. The third is to form and establish a long-term mechanism, implement dynamic management, evaluate the implementation effect. Activate the enterprise's enthusiasm for technology research and development with special funds, and drive more industrial resources into technological innovation activities with limited funds. Instead of making it a waste of resources. The fourth is to establish a safeguard mechanism. The technological achievements obtained by public resources should share within the whole industry, rather than monopolized by special status.

Development of BT-80 CNC 4-axis CNC tool grinder machine

There is a saying that the tool grinder is the cornerstone of a country's industrialization, such as the BT-80 CNC 4-axis CNC tool grinder machine. With the development of science and technology, tool grinding machines are good or bad. Which will directly affect the development of the national economy and industrial manufacturing, and strengthen the important position of machine tools in a country's industrial manufacturing. With the National Medium- and Long-Term Science and Technology Development Plan outlines tool grinding machines as one of 16 major special projects. The important position of the grinding machine industry in the national economy has been further established. The tool grinding machine industry has focused on the development of the country's key areas. Strengthened product independent innovation and special machine development, and achieved effective breakthroughs in precision manufacturing and extreme manufacturing. And improved the technology of key products such as large and heavy CNC machine tools and five-axis linkage machine tools. At present, domestic tool grinding machines have begun to enter the national key development areas and the construction of national defense and military industry. The situation of high-end CNC machine tools that are urgently needed in the development of the national economy is over-reliance on imports and is gradually improving. In 2009. The market share of domestic metal processing machine tools continued to increase, reaching 70.1%. The market share of tool grinding machines reached 62%. At present, the technical level of the world's machine tools is based on the production of CNC machine bed machine. And the development in the next 20 years will still be the case. On the basis of further improving accuracy, efficiency, automation, intelligence, and networking, we will gradually transition to processing units and cutting-edge flexible manufacturing systems. After the development of learning, imitation and independent innovation in China's machine tool industry. There is still a considerable gap between precision, efficiency, automation, intelligence, environmental protection, and foreign advanced level. In 2012, the development goal of the 12th Five-Year Plan for the machine tool industry has been clarified. And tool grinding machines will become the focus of future development. According to the development goal, China will march towards a machine tool powerhouse from 2018 to 2020. And the industrial structure will be improved and improved. 80% of domestic machine tools will meet the needs of domestic engineering projects. And the market share of CNC machine tools will reach 70%. Demina has always attached great importance to the adjustment of industrial structure and has been researching and developing new products for a long time. Now, a number of medium and high-grade CNC tool grinders that meet the market demand have been introduced. Such as BT-80 CNC diamond tool grinder, BT-80 CNC 4-axis CNC tool grinder machine And a series of CNC grinding machines such as BT-80 CNC tool and cutter grinder.
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